Wednesday, 7 January 2015

DRACHENFEUER > coffee mug

Item: Coffee Mug
Edition: 1 made!

With the onset of colder weather and freezing fog over Castle Nazgul - a frigid and frosty place at the best of times - the need for a winter toddy or two has become a seasonal imperative.

And what better way to enjoy a quenching brew of Old Hobbit's Winter Warmer than in this bespoke Drachenfeuer mug, resplendent in white with a fiery design and band logo to enjoy?  This highly collectible mug - the only one made  - is the perfect item to complement such imbibing, especially as it has been specifically forged to withstand the scorching heat of a dragon's fire and is thus impervious to any mere mortal brew that Nazgul can throw at it (or, indeed, in it).

It's been many years since we've had a mug featured on Honour and Darkness (fill in your own pun at this point!) but this splendid addition to the collection sits alongside similar band offerings from Hrefnesholt, Uruk Hai, Bonemachine and Hrossharsgrani.  Who knows, one day the entire family of Hugin's weird and wonderful projects could end up here, with oddly shaped Guts For Dinner tea-cups sitting proudly next to improbable offerings from ILL and Manwe.  Stranger things, and all that.

Speaking of strange things and Drachenfeuer as we were, this is a timely moment to update you a little on the project as Nazgul's original review of their "The Realm of the Light" demo was quite a while ago now, way back in May 2010.  Well, the good news is that the release will finally see the light of day this year as a double digipak release on the Austrian Talheim Records label, and well worth the wait it will be too.

As we venture boldly into 2015 we are very close to the 6th anniversary of this humble Blog, which is some achievement really and currently encapsulates some 663 different posts, including this one!  And you'd be amazed to see what items still sit on the Library shelves, patiently waiting their turn for the spotlight of fame and fortune to be shone upon them.  Items new and old, from bands very much in the forefront of Hugin's mind to some not so obvious: another interesting year awaits you, and Nazgul thanks you in advance for tuning in and being part of the fun.

Closing with a few statistics, as of today's date there have been 105,569 Flag Counter views of the Blog in total and over 146 countries around the world have now visited the site, the latest of them being Zimbabwe.  Apologies to those of you who used to enjoy the 'Year in Review' posts for yet another year ending without one: the demands of time from 'normal' life have simply meant a curtailing of the free time to regularly post entries here, as the falling trend in the number of annual posts will clearly show!  Nazgul managed just 53 new posts in 2014, which is still more (just!!) than one per week throughout the year on average, but a far cry from those heady days of 2009 (188 posts - where did the time come from?!)  

However, let's hope that we can reverse that trend and get a few more posts up on Honour and Darkness in the year ahead.... 

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