Monday, 15 December 2014

REI REA / BONEMACHINE split - update

Title: Rei Rea / Bonemachine (untitled split CDr)
Format: CDr release in card-sleeve with inner wallet, released in 2007 on the Crater Records label (Canada), catalogue reference CTR02.
Edition: Believed to be limited to only 70 unnumbered copies
Reason for update: A different colour copy of this release has been located!

Track Listing (same as 'standard' release):
Rei Rea
01. Ulcer Vile
02. Degrees Of Guilt
03. Onward
04 .Silent Hunters
05. Sunken Part 1

06.  Feindschlag 3:01
07.  Military Desaster 10:55
08.  Coldashell 3:00
09.  Hölle:Modern 3:25

In the grand tradition of Sesame Street, today's post is brought to you by the name 'Alex' and by the colour 'Yellow'.

'Alex' in two respects: the shadowy figure behind Bonemachine is - of course - our old friend Alexander "Hugin" Weiser, a man never far from an unusual sound effect to augment a song or two.  But also Alex as in another of Honour and Darkness' old friends, Alexander Ivanov of A.M.F. Productions in Bulgaria, who located this unusual release in his stockpile secreted somewhere in the underground catacombs of Sofia...!

'Yellow' for the very simple reason that the card sleeve of this version of Rei Rea / Bonemachine's split CDr is undeniably yellow in colour.  And that is something of a surprise, given that every other copy Nazgul has clapped his eyes on over the years has been the same muted grey/brown-toned affair as originally featured in the Blog way back in May 2009.  

That said, there haven't been too many copies surfacing over the years, given that there were (it's thought) only about 70 of the blighters to begin with.  However, as time has inexorably marched onwards Nazgul's found a few of these and shared them with fellow collectors around the globe.  But never one of a different hue, which is what we have to contend with here.

Precious little information can be gleaned through the Internet, although Hugin (our man in the know for these things) did offer the suggestion that Crater Records - home to Rei Rea - has been known to issue releases in multiple colours before.  So perhaps there could be a veritable rainbow of these things out there, just waiting for someone to catalogue them in all their glory?  Or perhaps this copy is the anomaly, the sole variant in an otherwise monochrome sea of card and plastic....?

In terms of practical issues - track listings, catalogue labelling et al - this is exactly as the 'standard' release, so other than the novelty factor there's actually nothing else of huge relevance here.  But that would be to miss the purpose of Honour and Darkness as the online cataloguing site for Hugin's work, and also would undervalue the efforts of Mr Ivanov who so kindly unearthed this little gem from his collection and made it available to Nazgul (along with a few other weird and wonderful things, more of which in future posts).

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