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Title: Nosferat "Blut Edition"
Format: Tape edition of this demo released in a special limited edition by W.A.R. Productions (Austria) in 2003.
Edition: 10 numbered copies
Track Listing:

Side A
01. Des Abends Rotes Seelenblut 1.20
02. Wurdulak 3.44
03. Das Blut Meiner Ahnen 1.34
04. Todessehnsucht 6.45
05. Nachtherrscahft 1.33
06. Der Vampyr 8.30
07. Fleisch 1.22
08. Leb' Wohl Lieb Land 17.29
09. Akasha 1.59

Side B
01. Im Schatten Jener Nacht, In Der Ich Starb 11.54
02. Verwoben Im Netze Ewiglicher Finsternis 11.18
03. Kabinett Der Angste 14.08
04. Bathori (Sturm Einer Winternacht) 8.28

Some things take a little time to work out.  In this case, however, it's taken Nazgul about 5 years to piece together the full story behind this most enigmatic of releases, the "Nosferat - Blut Edition" demo tape!  To be fair, mind you, it's not as if Nazgul has been slaving away at the puzzle for 5 years non-stop: even he's not that slow!

No, this is just one of those little stories where a sequence of events over time has shed light on a previously untold story in the Hugin discography.  So pull your chair closer to the fire and listen to the words of wisdom from your old Uncle Nazgul....

So back on 4 August 2009 the original Honour and Darkness review of "Nosferat" was published, covering both a rare CDr version of the demo, and the official tape version released by Smell The Stench (Australia).  It is the tape version that we are interested in today, with the original version being an unlimited edition and wrapped in a white inlay cover.  This is the version that most of you will probably have in your collections.  However, an update to that original post followed within a matter of days (oh - those were the days, upward of 20 posts a month on Honour and Darkness...!) which showed the same demo but with a red cover.  This was also a Smell The Stench release, number of copies unknown, which Nazgul had seen on the internet and had eventually managed to track down via the Hexenreich label.

And as far as Nazgul was concerned, that was that: two different colour copies seen online and procured for the Castle collection.  Job done ... or was it?  For only last month some random browsing online threw up another strange find.  Listed for sale under a stock picture of the red-cover Nosferat tape was an interesting sounding item from our old friends Tanya and Igor at The Eastern Front; their copy was titled "Nosferat Blut Edition" and purported to be a limited edition of 10 copies!

Correspondance began between Israel and Austria to get at the heart of the matter, and it emerged that back in the day Alex had released a very limited W.A.R. Productions copy of the "Nosferat" demo in a so-called 'Blut Edition', each being wrapped in silver ribbon and having a hand-written and numbered tag attached to it.  This uber-rare release had flown under the Castle Nazgul radar for years, but happily had now come to light!

And that is why the pictures you see accompanying this post show a 'new' edition of this long in the tooth (pun firmly intended!) demo.  The songs are the same as all of the other editions, but the source and edition distingish this version as the one to have!  Indeed, in such good condition is this copy that the ribbon clearly has never been removed from the tape since it was put together all those years ago by the hands of Hugin himself.  

Nazgul's copy is #3 of the 10 made, which begs the inevitable question of where the other 9 copies are now.  If you are lucky enough to own one, why not let Nazgul know about it....? 

The Nosferat family ... not so much Nosferatu as it is Nosfera-three...

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