Saturday, 15 November 2014


Title: The Mighty Forest
Format: A 3" CDr release on the Smell The Stench label (Australia) from 2013, complete with 2 colour card inlays
Edition: 20 hand-numbered copies 

Track Listing:
01. Dancing Leaves  5.43
02. Age Of The Ents  9.15
03. On The Edge Of The Forest 3.04

Do you know, it's little releases like this one that reaffirm Nazgul's resolve and faith in all of Hugin's projects and musical enterprises.

Why?  Well, the answer is a simple one.  This is evidently not a release made for spectacular commercial gain, nor one that received a huge amount of publicity.  Even for devoted followers of the man's work - and, after all, why would you be here if this doesn't apply to you - this release may come as something of a surprise and may not be one that you've seen before.

And in a tiny edition of 20 copies, why would you necessarily have crossed paths with it?

Yet, in the three songs offered up here in a forest-themed package you have everything that sums up Hugin's world of music, at least when garbed in the mantle of his Uruk Hai project.  Lushly orchestrated and composed instrumental songs that transport the ever-willing listener to realms beyond the hum-drum of everyday existence.  Glistening jewels of songs that succeed in a few passing minutes where entire albums of lesser bands would fail in abject misery.

In short, transformational music to entertain, uplift and invigorate.  Gentle, peaceful, as solid and immovable as the roots of those trees that the songs refer to (with passing exception to the Ents, for obvious reasons of mobility!) this is timeless music that you either dial into and 'get', or you don't.  And what a shame if you fall into the latter category.

The reason this is so life-affirming is that it's simply Alex doing what he does best: tinkering around in W.A.R. Studios and coming up with some elegant and delicate pieces of music, recording them for his own pleasure and for our pleasure in that order.  We all know that this release will receive zero publicity or published acclaim - although if a magazine or website elsewhere on the planet wishes to push this little demo and prove me wrong Nazgul would be delighted - but that's really not the point.  It's music from the heart, and from the heart of both the man and the forests of Middle-Earth.

With the advent of Autumn, even cold-hearted Nazgul feels tiny tugs of emotion at the turning of the seasons and the majestic colours to be found in the leaves and trees surrounding Castle Nazgul. Music such as this augments and enhances such experiences, and as always leaves life better than you found it.  Hugin has been doing that neat trick for many years now, and we all owe him a debt of thanks for making our lives better in some way or other, right across the globe. 

And long may it continue.

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