Saturday, 8 November 2014

DEMO 99 - update

Title: Demo 99
Format: Cassette-tape only, independent release through Alex Wieser in 1999.
Edition: Hand-numbered and limited to 30 copies
Reason for update: A true rarity has entered the Castle Library....

Track Listing:
01. Ozeane der Zeit
02. Kalte Nacht
03. Der Morgen nach dem Leben
04. Herr ├╝ber die Winde
05. Aufstieg verlorener Seelen
06. Apokalypse
07. Zuende

It's almost 5 years to the very day when the original review of Nazgul's copy of this demo - #2/30 copies - appeared in Honour and Darkness.

Nazgul noted in that review that this demo tape from 1999 (hence the cunning title, you see) was a variant on theme from the "Blut" demo that preceded it in 1998 and that it contained 6 of those 14 original tracks plus one new song, 'Der Morgen Nach Dem Leben', together with a new cover and limitation to only 30 tapes.

The reason for this update so many years after the fact comes courtesy of an amazingly generous donation to the Castle Nazgul archive by Hugin.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is copy #1 of the 30, and the only version to exist with a colour cover!  So now Number 1 is partnered by Number 2, and the Library resembles nothing less than a scene from the set of The Prisoner (no free men here, however)

Looking at the colour version the visual effect of the cover is (a) far more striking and (b) far more evidently Oriental in nature.  It does, in short, look absolutely fabulous and shows off a lot more detail and nuance than the monochrome cover does.  It is - it goes without saying - a very welcome addition to that most secret and prized area of the Library collection, housing those rare one-off and unique versions that Hugin has been known to produce.

Nazgul was going to end this post with a linkto the Hrossharsgrani page on the Metal Archives site, where this very tape was pictured (the photo having been pinched from Hugin's old MySpace page), but it transpires that Metal Archives - in their infinite wisdom - have now seen fit to take both Hrossharsgrani and Hrefnesholt out of their database, as they did for Uruk Hai some time ago.  The miserable gits!

#1 meets #2

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