Saturday, 25 October 2014


Title: Mystified Versus Bonemachine
Reason for update: CDr disc and paper inlay from Mystified with their half of the split release tracks

A very quick update for you tonight, courtesy of this CDr in plain wrappers received eons ago from Hugin as part of a supply parcel to Castle Nazgul.

It is the very same disc - and accompanying paper with song and artist details - received by Hugin from Thomas Park of Mystified.  These were, of course, the tracks that formed the 2007 split release between this project and Hugin's Bonemachine, which was reviewed way back in the early days of the Blog over 5 years ago.

There's not an awful lot to comment on about this particular piece, save it shows Mystified to have been based at the time in St Louis, MO, USA, as the 7 songs are as on the final release of the very limited edition split that Hugin wrapped so carefully in a metal tin and handmade fabric bag.

Still, as the official archive for all things Hugin-related, this seems a suitable piece to attain a post of its own, and perhaps may prompt those of you with the official release in your collections to dust it off and enjoy it all over again....?

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