Thursday, 16 October 2014


Title: Erzsebet Bathori - Kapitel 2: Eine Mär Aus Fleisch
Format: Double CDr disc housed in a plastic wallet with typed lyric sheets.  This was not officially released as a demo as far as is known and is presumed therefore to be a one-off promotional item.
Edition: 1 copy (assumed)

Track Listing:
01. Erzsebet Bathori - Kapitel 2: Eine Mär Aus Fleisch
01. Wenn Docn Der Morgen
02. Der Vampyr

Out of a clear blue sky (well, a grey overcast sky actually, as the perpetual miasma hanging over Castle Nazgul abhors anything resembling a sunny day) came this hitherto unseen promo CDr!  The source of the missive to Nazgul was none other than Fernando, of War Productions in Portugal (this being a different WAR Productions to Hugin's label, by the way), who had comes across something strange in his travels.  

Thus spake Fernando: "I got this double CDr call "Erzsebet Bathori - Kapitel 2: Eine Mär Aus Fleisch". I know from your site that "Erzsebet Bathori - Kapitel 2" was suppose to be out in a 7" but it never come out. Is this CDr some kind of a promo?"

Well, Fernando, it turns out that this is indeed is some kind of a promo, and no less an authority than Hugin himself has confirmed this.

But a quick bit of history: once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a plan to release 3 vinyl EP's to tell a saga of ritualistic bloodletting!  The first part of this trilogy was the "Erzebet Bathori Eine Ode In Blut" 7" release.  As the Blog entry for the release details, this 2002 EP - 'a story about blood and everlasting life' - was due to be followed by the "Erszebet Bathory (Eine Mär Aus Fleisch) Kapitel II" 7" EP except that it never came about: the lengthy 22 minute song appears instead on the "Vampyr" CD EP from 2003 and not in vinyl format. The proposed third 7" EP covering the Venom track "Countess Bathory" was also advertised, but again was never released.

As you might imagine, there was some horse-trading going on between the release of the first EP and the planned release of the second, in as far as the record label who released the initial EP did not want to do a second one, and thus an alternative label was needed to move the trilogy forward.  In the event, a label could not be found to support the project and as a result the second and third parts were scrapped.

One can only suspect that as part of that shopping around process this promo CDr was created.  Hugin confirms that this is not one of his creations, and that the handwriting is that of Uwe Backer (aka Elisabetha's own Blutgraf Gha'gsheblah) so it makes for an unusual item in the desirability stakes.

As such, a rare and unusual piece, and as the accompanying pictures will testify not one currently held in the Castle Nazgul archives.  Lucky old Fernando...!

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