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Title: Krieg & Zeit
Format: Proposed artwork for a tape release from the mighty Bonemachine, designed in colour and presumably intended to be printed that way.  This is likely to have been a self-released demo.
Edition: Not released

Track Listing:
01. Schall & Rauch  8.02
02. Die Vierte Dimension  1.00
03. Raserei (Klangniederschrift Eines Krieges In 2 Akten)  7.38
04. Endzeitensturm  8.17
05. Flucht Nach Vor!  2.27

#14 From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Another anomaly from the seemingly infinite W.A.R. archives, housed deep inside abandoned salt mines in the Austrian countryside.  Or was that The Monuments Men, in which George Clooney and entourage rummage high and low across war-torn Europe in a vain attempt to locate a copy of Uruk Hai's "Battle Magic" tape?  It all gets a bit confusing sometimes here at Castle Nazgul, with nothing ever being quite what it seems.

And today's offering is also not quite what it seems: another long-lost piece of artwork designed for a release that never was, and which morphed into something else that was officially released.

Bonemachine are the band in question. "Krieg & Zeit" ('War & Time') was a recording made in the period 2002-2003 in Linz, featuring R.K. (Roland) as guest musician on guitar.  Roland and Hugin, you will remember, have long been partners in crime and their exploits date back (in a musical sense at least) to 1984 and fledgling punk band Schlaganfall.

The proposed artwork for this one has an interesting heritage, as elements of it were subsequently incorporated into the Uruk Hai release "A Night In The Forest".  The striking 'winking face' motif was put onto the cover of that Uruk Hai release in 2004 (CD version) and 2005 (tape version) but using a different background image - unsurprisingly, given the title, a forest scene.  Here, the background is a more open countryside scene, and in full colour it does look rather splendid.  Nazgul had always assumed that the face was carved into a stone tablet, but looking at it again in colour on this release the little notch on the top right edge of the design suggests a metal construction rather than stone?  I wonder....?

In terms of the music, these 5 songs did actually appear on a tape (and indeed a CDr) eventually, namely the "Zeit" demo of 2006.  And, if you're keeping score, also on the "Schwarzes Jerusalem" split CDr with Elymas.  The only difference to note is that on the "Zeit" demo there is a modest change to the title of track two, in that it becomes 'Die 4 Dimension' as opposed to 'Die Vierte Dimension'.  

There remain a few unanswered questions about this release: what exactly is Hugin looking at through the window, one can't help but wonder?  Was the rainbow over the field a real one, or photoshopped after the fact?  And why is there an owl in the middle of the compass design?!  Alas, questions destined to remain unanswered ... at least for now.

Even though the music from this abandoned release did eventually emerge, it's rather a shame that this particular version of the demo was not issued as it does look excellent printed off as a mocked-up release.  There could be a whole new industry spawned here, taking the 'what if' artwork to create alternative versions of existing releases.  But then again, how much more confusion can Nazgul withstand...?!

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