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Title: Another Moon
Format: A split CDr release on the Aschefruehling Records label (Austria), cat ref AR-0053, released in 2013.  The second band featured on the album is Karg, a 'dark drone ambient' project from Germany.  This release is packaged in a DVD case and has a professionally printed colour cover and picture disc which is on a burgundy red disc.  Also included is a sticker promoting the label.
Edition: Limited to 66 unnumbered copies

Track Listing
01. Space Dust  10:36
02. Pulsar  7:00
03. Eclipse Of The Moon  3:41
04. Space Station No. 6  7:48
05. Crater  4:59
06. Loop  6:01
07. Spiral  4:46
08. Ring  4:17

As noted in the recently posted interview in Fatal Underground #42, the original plan in respect of this CD had been for Eismond to release a split-demo with Noldor, but due to the right-wing leanings of that latter project the decision was taken to cancel that release and instead proceed with a joint release with Germany project Karg.  And here it is, "Another Moon", in large case format, with a disc burgundy red in a shade we've not seen since the likes of "Blutreich" or "Barbarians".

The Eismond tracks are essentially instrumental pieces that you will have subsequently come across in slightly different iterations on recent Eismond albums.  They were recorded without input from Alex's Eismond bandmate Jaron (vocals/guitars), so the pieces have the benefit of being largely ambient keyboard soundscapes in the grand Hugin tradition, but the downside of sounding a little retrograde compared to the more polished recent Eismond albums.  But then again, this is a collection of demo recordings and by default they are not the final product, so one might expect such a situation.

The 4 tracks make for an interesting listen though, and fall into the category of mood setting background auditory phenomena rather than in-yer-face singalongs!  Sadly, fourth track 'Space Station No. 6' isn't an updated, blackened metal/ambient take on Montrose's 1973 classic 'Space Station No. 5', but hey - you can't have everything!

Despite Jaron's absence there is still a variety of instrumentation used on this demo.  At times, Hugin is definitely investigating and expanding his prog rock influences, whereas at other times the sounds are classic Uruk Hai in nature.  Taken together in one big melting pot, it's an intergalactic journey of stellar proportions! 

Karg, on the other hand, take the space ambient theme to the extreme and serve up some sparse and barren passages (in fact, I think Karg actually means 'barren' in German) with lots of space between the 'music'.  Very reminiscent of projects like Saturn Form Essence, and in a similar vein once you've heard a few tracks you've really heard all there is to be heard.  Nothing desperately memorable here, in other words, but if it floats your boat (spaceship?) you'll not go far wrong.

Apologies once again for the time lag between posts, by the way.  Who knew adding one small body into the Castle Nazgul family would prove to be so time intensive and detract from keeping Honour and Darkness up to date more regularly...!?

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