Monday, 8 September 2014


Title: "...And All The Magic & Might He Brought"
Reason for update: Tape release for this album
Format: Released in 2014 on the Atramentum Productions label (Canada), cat ref AtramC068.  This professional release comes as a lurid green tape!
Edition: Hand numbered edition of 100 copies

Track Listing:
01. From the Ashes 03:37
02. Far Away 06:00
03. Ancient Wisdom 05:13
04. Rise & Fall 04:57
05. Fallen Leaves 03:42
06. The Door to the Paths of the Dead 07:06
07. Valinor 02:28
08. Immortality 14:04
09. Wrath 04:07

Taking the blurb from the Atramentum site as our starting point, we learn that Alex's Uruk Hai project "is not only an ambient project, since the compositions also contain black metal-elements and several sound-F/X to increase the atmosphere. Sounds of nature, speech-samples and battle noises definitely find their place in the musical world of Uruk Hai. To sum it up: PAGAN BATTLE AMBIENT!"  Quite possibly a soundbite from the man himself, and why not!?

This tape release - in an edition of just 100 copies, of which Nazgul is proud own #1 as pictured - is a nice looking thing, and complements the CD version of the album previously reviewed here.  The tape is spectacularly green, and originally Nazgul thought it was the outer box that conveyed this lurid colour but no - out of its case, the greenness is there for all to witness!

With the tape format still popular in some parts of the world - Poland and Indonesia to randomly name two - the label should have little difficultly in shifting 100 units of this latest magnum opus from Uruk Hai.  Indeed, a recent story posted on the BBC website had the improbable but presumably true fact that " in 10 young people has bought a music cassette tape in the last month, a new survey done to coincide with Record Store Day suggests."  Really?!

You lose out on the 4 bonus songs that came on the CD digipak pressing of this album, of course, but otherwise if collecting is your bag then this should be on the shopping list!

There is another update to come on this release, in a standard jewel case edition with brand new artwork, but that's another update for another day....

#1 of 100

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