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Title: The Great Unknown
Format: Previously unseen cover artwork for a proposed Uruk Hai album that was never released.
Edition: None - unreleased

Proposed Track Listing:
01. Into The Great Unknown
02. Lay Of Leithian
03. May It Be
04. Gates Of Summer
05. Enter Mordor
06. Beneath The Moon, Beneath The Sun
07. Einsam In Dunklen Waeldern
08. Morgoth

#13 From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Another one of those 'nearly' releases from the ever fruitful mind of Hugin, hidden away for aeons but now released from its bondage and being shared with you - honoured Blog reader.

So the back story is fairly straightforward on this one: a demo of songs circa 2006 was being compiled by Hugin for release under the Uruk Hai banner.  The songs selected - shown above - were duly sifted and sorted for final release until, with a characteristic last minute change of plan, the proposed release "The Great Unknown" morphed into the well received "Lothlorien" release instead.  As such, "The Great Unknown" concept was shelved and the draft artwork filed away in the voluminous vaults of W.A.R. Productions.  Until now....!

Most of the proposed track listing from "The Great Unknown" did make it onto the Lothlorien release but there are some differences and changes to the running order on the final version.  Let's quickly run through them for the sake of completeness:

  • Into The Great Unknown - didn't appear on the final Lothlerien album but did get utilised as track 4 on the split release "United"
  • Lay Of Leithian - retained, and became track 4 on the Lothlorien CD release
  • May It Be - retained, and became track 8 on the Lothlorien release (and track 10 on the tape version!)
  • Gates Of Summer - retained, and became track 9 on the Lothlorien CD release
  • Enter Mordor - retained, becoming track 2 on the Lothlorien CD release
  • Beneath The Moon, Beneath The Sun - whilst not appearing on the CD version, this was the final track 9 on the original cassette release of the album
  • Einsam In Dunklen Waeldern - not used on the final Lothlorien release, but appeared instead on the "Valkyrian Romance" demo
  • Morgoth - not used on the final Lothlorien release.  May or may not have been the same lengthy epic that became part of the "Orkstahl" and "Morgoth" releases

The "Lothlorien" CD pressing also added the introductory track 'The White Trees Of Minas Ithil' and, on the tape version, added three additional bonus songs in 'Precious', 'Umbar', and 'Blood Of Stone'.  More tracks again were added on the 4 x 3" CDr reissue of 2012 on the Tryby label, but we digress.

The artwork for the release will look familiar as it was reused on subsequent Uruk Hai demos - well, why would you waste the effort you've made in creating it?! 

Proposed CD artwork

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