Saturday, 5 July 2014

EMYN MUIL - update

Title: Emyn Muil
Format: C90 style tape in pro-printed colour cover, released on the Tryby label (Poland) in 2012, catalogue reference 19/2012.
Edition: 25 hand-numbered copies
Reason for update: Cassette version of the previously CD-only release

Just a quick one today (as the actress infamously said to the bishop), as Nazgul features the cassette tape version of Uruk Hai's "Emyn Muil" release.

The original CD of this demo was released by the Steel Blazes label in November 2011 and garnered a positive review here on the blog.

This - the tape version - bears the same striking artwork but was released by the Tryby label the following year.  The track listing is the same, with 'Emyn Muil' [37.05] on side 1, and 'At the End of the First Age' [29.03] on the reverse.

Neither song is unique to this particular demo so the chances are you've acquired one or the other over the years anyway, and given the limitation on this tape release is a fleeting 25 copies only you've probably missed the boat by now if you wanted to put this specific format into your collection.

That said, it's tidily produced by Tryby and certainly looks a quality product so would be worth a little effort to track one down.  You could always drop them a note at and tell them Nazgul sent you....

The Emyn Muil family

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