Monday, 30 June 2014


Title: Der Pfed Zum Tor Der Toten
Reason for second update: Copies of the CDr in its original packaging obtained!

Track Listing:
1. Der Pfad Zum Tor Der Toten 15.10
2. Schönheit Gibt Es Nur Im Kampf 7.40
3. Schwerter & Äxte 10.10
4. Heimfahrt Nach Hördaland 6.10
5. Barbarenblut 5.02
6. Bußfertigkeit 11.21

Back in the mists of time, those halcyon when Nazgul used to have opportunity to post updates to Honour and Darkness a dozen times a month or more, this Hrossharsgrani demo was first reviewed:  Stardate - 23 April 2009, and the review focused on the CDr pressing of the release as the uber-rare tape version (of 33 copies) had not been found at that time.  And, indeed, that's still sadly the case as the original cassette has yet to be added to Nazgul's horde though the reissue on Wulfrune Worxx was reviewed on 24 June 2011.  However, two additions to the collection meriting this update coincidentally occurred within a few short weeks of each other about a year ago, and here's the tale...

Were you to look back at the 2009 review you'd see that the last paragraph contained the sentence: "Stop Press!! I also recently discovered that the original CDr release came in a coloured jewel-case and had a rusty nail enclosed as a gimmick."  Nazgul's copy - #7 of the 200, did not have a nail and was not in a coloured case, as it came via an online auction site and presumably the original owner had replaced the case at some point in the past.

Many years of looking around yielded no joy in finding a complete original, and so Hugin very kindly made his personal #1 copy in a red case available to Nazgul, complete with an original and very rusty nail, and this was welcomed into the fold like the prodigal son returning home. 

By strange coincidence, however, within a few weeks of that occurring another copy came up for sale online (#17) and was also complete with (very rusty) nail, so Nazgul in classic OCD mode added this to his treasure trove too.  It arrived in a completely shattered blue jewel-case (thank you postal courier!) which was sadly too far gone to be salvaged, so the hunt is now on for a similar light blue case to rehouse it in.  

Issue #17/200
In conversation with Hugin it turns out that there were a variety of coloured cases used for the original release, including yellow and green as well as the red and blue already identified.  Now the hunt is on to collect all hues of this long deleted release as Nazgul attempts to expand his stock of "Der Pfed..." and increase his holding beyond the 1.5% of the total global stock currently housed in the Castle Library!

3 of the 200 copies all safe and snug in Castle Nazgul!

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