Friday, 20 June 2014


Title: Crossing The Borders [V/A]
Format: An online compilation available to purchase through Amazon and iTunes
Edition: Unlimited download

Track Listing:
01. EPICA  *  Mother of Light  5:56  
02. ORPHEUS OMEGA  *  The Deconstruct  4:03  
03.  TURNING THE TIDES  *  Re Growth  4:15  
04.  OPTIC PERCEPTION  *  Doom  6:40  
05.  BRUTAL HOMICIDE  *  No Remorse, No Redemption  4:00    
06.  GREEN ARMY  *  Psycho Maniac  3:20  
07.  STAKATO  *  Yang  7:00  
08.  ARCH ANGEL  *  Annihilation  5:43    
09.  ABANDONED WORLD  *  Madness From Within  3:30  
10.  THE END  *  Across the Ocean  5:40  
11.  A SHIPMENT TO SPAIN  *  Known As David  2:51  
12.  URUK HAI  *  Far Away   6:00  
13.  OBSCENE OPTIONAL  *  Siblings  3:47  
14.  APONTOKATION  *  Human Chaos  3:32    
15.  GURTHANG  *  My Darkest Corridor  7:26    
16.  SCARS OF TOMORROW  *  The Last Supper  2:30  
17.  COSHISH  *  Raastey   4:46  
02.  BRIGHTHAVEN  *  I'm Not Like You  3:08
03.  SUICIDE SEASON  *  The Liberation War 71  3:45  
04.  GODSIRE  *  The Crossed Out God  4:06
05.  SACRILEGIOUS  *  The G.O.D God of Defile  3:56  
06.  DOMINANT APPREHENSION  *  Omonushotto   4:17
07.  BRIANA  *  Dream Catcher   6:14  
08.  ABSENTIA  *  Not Alone  3:40    
09.  CONFUZONE  *  Chaotic Fusion  4:06  
10.  ZENITH  *  Gospel for Nimokharam  4:24  
11.  RINGBEARER  *  The Road that Leads Us  5:59  
12.  CHAINSAW  *  Juddher Golpo 2013    5:32  
13.  ROMAN SACRIFICE  *  Nishtha   4:45  
14.  RAGING INTO SLUT  *  Crime Against Humanity   1:52  
15.  NIBURU  *  Infested Virgin  11:37  
16.  AGGRONYMPH  *  Aadhar   5:02  

Like buses, Nazgul's posts come thick and fast after long periods without any to be seen. Or, somewhat more cruelly, in fallow periods they come along as frequently as England wins in World Cup tournaments....

Here's another for Uruk Hai related activity, this time to promote something new and only available since 30 May 2014.  Called "Crossing The Borders (An international band compilation by Tazwar Hossain)" it's a download-only one man labour of love venture by the look of it, containing an interesting range of genres and material.  It's truly international too, as the subtitle implies, as it features bands from all sorts of improbable places: No less than 11 from Bangladesh plus others from Mexico, Sweden, Singapore, India, Canada, Germany, Australia and - most unusually - Nepal (being Raging Into Slut, allegedly the Dalai Lama's favourite band).

You can check out the purpose and history behind this self-proclaimed 'biggest international underground band compilation ever' through Tazwar's Facebook page

As an online compilation the songs themselves are for sale via iTunes and Amazon, and features Hugin's pet project amidst a horde of other thrashing, banging and general walloping.  Inspired to commit a song to the project after being approached on Facebook, the Uruk Hai track in question is 'Far Away' and was the second track on the 2013 magnum opus "...And All The Magic And Might He Brought".  If you've forgotten what this epic sounds like, point your browser towards the featured Youtube clip and enjoy it all over again!  

Looking at the Amazon page was a source of much mirth for Nazgul's childish sense of humour.  Clearly there has been a mistake in linking old reviews of completely different releases to this particular page, as evidenced through one such review from User rainsong_1643 heaping praise (apparently) on the compilation, concluding:  "I LOVE this album. I originally bought it for bellydance purposes, as it has my favourite dance song ever. but I find myself listening to it all the time, it's an eclectic mix of ethnic sounds with a modern edge. I highly recommend this album to anyone, it's a great listen."   Belly dancing to the likes of Brutal Homicide - alas, if only....!

Prices per song work out as cheap as chips, so even though you doubtless have the Uruk Hai song tucked away in your private stash of all things Hugin there's no harm in downloading another copy, as one hopes that a modest amount of revenue might be shunted Hugin's away as a result.  Alternatively, you could have a little dip into the rest of the material to see what might tickle your fancy.  Will there be physical pressing of this compilation?  Stranger things have been known, and although no news on that front as yet keep watching those borders....

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