Monday, 26 May 2014

UNITED - update

Band: URUK HAI (or, more accurately, Symbiosis)
Title: United
Format: 2 x CDr discs and covering letter, being the Symbiosis side of the split
Edition: Presumably a single copy

Track Listing:
01. Travelling Through Rivers And Woods Of Memories  15:09
02. Still Alone In The Path Of Life  6:38
03. In The Fields Of Eternal Spring  4:14
04. Subliminal Instructions To The Void  3:26

Nazgul first covered the "United" tape release way back in February 2009.  This was the demo tape that previewed Uruk Hai's some of upcoming "Lothlorien" material, whilst giving the other half of the tape to Italian band Symbiosis (run by a splendid fellow called Valerio, who you may recall from a 2010 interview on the Blog).

This particular item is the original CDr discs and letter sent by Valerio to Hugin with his half of the demo tracks.  Nazgul has obscured Valerio's address and contract details at the foot of the letter in picture two for reasons of confidentiality, otherwise it's presented as-is (or should that be as-was?)

Most of you will have retained a copy of this demo in your collections now, I would imagine, but it bears remembering that Symbiosis make some enchanting music on these tracks and across their range of demos and full releases, so it would be well worth your while hunting them down online to add some more quality music to your life.  In fact, let Nazgul give you a head start on that one...

As to the letter itself, Valerio comments to Hugin:

"Hails Hugin!  Here is all the material for you.  As you can see, there is my first demo CDR "Passages" [not pictured here].  I hope you like it.  Then, there are two CDR's for the split: one with the music, the other with the files.

In the first of the two CDR's there is the audio master, with four songs, for a total length of 29:28 [track listing then given, as above].

In the other CDR there are some pictures, logo and other stuff.  Photos had all been taken by myself, most of them here in the Italian Appennino, while I shot the one with a 'desert' land in Spain.  There are also two photos of mine with face-painting.  Logo pictures are in different colours and sizes, both in *.bmp and *.gif (with transparent effect) formats.  There is also a file (*.ttf) with the font used to write 'Symbiosis', in case you need it.  I also added on the CDR the wave files (*.wav) of the four songs to be featured in the split.  If you need more or different material, just tell me and I'll send it through e-mail.

Well, that's all.  Let me know when this package arrives."

And there we have it, an interesting little insight into the other side of a well known Uruk Hai demo tape.  It would obviously have been a sensible thing to round off the post with an image or two of the Symbiosis artwork on the tape inlay ... which was Nazgul's intention until the tape itself decided to hide itself away in the Castle Library.  So at some point soon we'll have to have "United - update II" after the search parties track down their prey....

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