Thursday, 10 April 2014


Title: Huren Dracula's (demo)
Format: A plain silver CDr housed in a bespoke card sleeve, signed and numbered by Hugin
Edition: Only 1 copy

Track Listing:
01. Einleitung (Visionen & Fieberträume)  3.33
02. Kinder Der Nacht (Die Musik Der Toten)  7.55
03. Fluß der Tränen - Elisabetha's Fluch (Eine Ode An Die Ewige Liebe)  9.31
04. Unheilvolle Kreaturen In Mondlicht (Erster Blutzyklus)  14.40
05. Huren Draculas (Zweiter Blutzyklus)  3.39
06. Zurückgewonnene Jugend (Manifest Des Blutes)  6.50
07. Kloster Der Hoffnung (Bittersük Setzt Ein Das Leiden)  7.44
08. Ausklang  12.18

In recent years new Elisabetha posts have become as fleeting as sightings of The Flying Dutchman.  The project was shelved back in 2008 and other than one or two archive recordings that came Hugin released circa 2010, activity in the world of vampyric black metal has been a pretty quiet one for the past 4 or 5 years.

This changed a little with the advent of the 'From the Vaults of W.A.R.' series, of course, as the artwork for the odd (sometimes very odd!) unreleased demo or two were dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day for your amazement and delight.  These instances have been hypothetical at best though, with glimpses of what might have been rather than anything tangible to get one's fangs into.  The relevance of this to today's post you will have spotted from the familiar track listing, of course, as it strongly resembles that of "Konkubinen - Eigentümliche Entrücktheit Im Nebel Der Verdammnis (Ein Hörspiel In Acht Akten)" from 30 November 2013.  In that post the story of this very same unreleased demo was told, tracing it through from the original "Huren Dracula's" demo to finally becoming the official "Und Wirklichkeit Erfüllt Die Seele Wieder" album.

All the more reason to celebrate this oddity, therefore, unearthed by Hugin and existing in a single edition and now proudly housed within the library of Castle Nazgul.  Nazgul is honoured to be given the responsibility to be the home for such a rarity, more so when you consider the demo has been signed and numbered #1/1 on the reverse by the man himself.  

The trail of discovery really kicked off with Hugin's recent visit to the Castle, when in a quiet moment between being jumped on by Nazgul Junior and rushing around between tourist sites Hugin had a chance to glance through some of the paperwork held in the Library that documents his many ventures into the musical realm.  In the midst of one such file was a mock-up cover for an unreleased "Huren Dracula's" demo, as featured in the Blog on 5 December 2009. This rang a distant bell in Hugin's mind ('b-o-n-g!') and on his return to W.A.R. Productions this small but interesting disc was discovered in the cobweb-shrouded archives.

And essentially what we have are the instrumental demos for the "Und Wirklichkeit..." release, recorded without any vocal or spoken word parts (well, save for a few haunting bits of chanting here and there).  Possibly even more alarmingly gloomy and eccentric in instrumental form than on the final album, it's certainly a unique piece to listen to and and interesting part of the history of compilation of that release.  And after all of the history of the demo, with it's various proposed releases and artwork, how nice to finally have something physical to demonstrate how near to completion this demo came.

For completeness, you might also like to remind yourself of Neon Asthet's alternate artwork for the unreleased "Huren's Dracula" release on 20 January 2010 (Nazgul trusts you're keeping up with the various twists and turns?!) and the post for "Und Wirklichkeit Erfüllt Die Seele Wieder" itself.

Time to head back to your coffin and the fresh soil of your homeland for the long sleep before the next Elisabetha post rises once more from the grave...

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