Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Forthcoming W.A.R. attractions

Featured Items: Promotional posters for upcoming events, organised by Hugin's W.A.R. Productions

Firstly, an apology.  This year marks the first time in the History of Honour and Darkness that Nazgul has failed to do a post to celebrate Hugin's birthday.  A shocking omission, albeit it one caused by (i) being away from the Castle for the weekend and being spun stupid by excessive roller-coaster riding, and (ii) being appallingly disorganised.  Honestly, old Nazgul is going senile here in the dust of his crumbling library, and were it not for the super-organised Lady Nazgul who knows where his failing faculties would lead him...?

So - let us take this opportunity to wish our Austrian brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope that the belated (online at least) greetings make a swift journey over the Alpine passes to W.A.R. Productions.

Secondly, this presents a good opportunity to plug a couple of forthcoming events being sponsored and/or organised by W.A.R. and which you would be wise to check out should you have the chance.  The first of these is the second Acoustic Festival being held on the 2nd May at the Elia Church in Linz, just down the road from Hugin HQ.  As with last years inaugural show, this is a charitable event raising money for good causes in Ghana and features a range of musical talent across the spectrum of genres.  Most familiar to readers of this blog will be the appearance (for the second time) of Australian Joe Matera - a precursor to his European Tour 2014, more of which in a moment - and also for the performance by W.A.R. Productions label-mates Seeking Raven.

Take a look at the poster featured herein, and if you find yourself in Linz on 2 May and fancy supporting a worthy cause - well, it's a no-brainer really, isn't it?

Our final gratuitous plug is for that Joe Matera European Tour in support of his recently released "Terra Firma" album, which has by all accounts has been critically well received already reached Platinum sales status in the Faroe Islands.  Unlike Joe's last European sojourn that took in Austria and the UK only, this tour takes in a lot more countries including Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and The Netherlands.  Will Joe's travelling Swedish fan base follow him around central Europe as they did around the UK - be there, and find out!?

Enquiries, album orders, updates on extra gigs etc. can all be found via Hugin's various Facebook sites and on Joe's page too.  Support the label and the artists in their quest to promote quality music across Europe!

After the hardships of touring life have taken their toll, both Hugin and Joe will be visiting Castle Nazgul for some well needed rest and recuperation prior to flying back to their respective countries, so with luck a future post will have some photos of both tour/gig action and the England aftermath...!

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