Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Item: A promotional flyer for the forthcoming trilogy with Canadian band Ringbearer

Ok, ok, it's a fair cop, guv'nor!  Nazgul has been a bit remiss about new content on Honour and Darkness, but not without good reason.  The grind of daily life, the need to actually take time to listen to the material before reviewing it, endless distractions both professionally and socially, they all take a toll.

But the best excuse Nazgul has had for ages is that the mighty Hugin himself took time out of his mindblowingly busy schedule to fly to the UK last week to spend a long weekend at Castle Nazgul.  Now, if this were Facebook I'd be covering this post with photos of Hugin at Stonehenge, or Hugin on the London Eye ... but it's not Facebook, and Lady Nazgul has already done an excellent job of such matters on that august forum.

Instead, this is Honour and Darkness where the focus is on all things (mostly) musical.

An in lieu of the fact that Nazgul has a couple of posts still in draft form and not quite shaped to perfection, here's a quick promotional nod to an exciting looking trilogy to come from Uruk Hai and Canadian band Ringbearer.  Looks pretty good, does it not?!  No details yet on the label or release date, but keep your eyes peeled via Hugin's Uruk Hai Facebook page for more information, including links to advance audio files on YouTube!

Whilst you feast your eyes on this and place advance orders via Hugin, Nazgul will get back to the task in hand of reviewing something new and exciting for you as his next post.  Can't say fairer than that really, can I ....?

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