Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Title: A Warriors Legend
Format: Unreleased promotional CD, compiling existing songs and unreleased material, circa 2005
Edition: not applicable

Track listing (proposed):
01. Thousand Lightnings Strike  2.41
02. Elbentod  5.32
03. Galadriel  1.35
04. Die Legende Von Elbenwald (A Mystical Journey In 6 Parts)  14.50
05. Nebelberge (Parts 7 & 8)  8.14
06. Far Away  4.55
07. The Eye  4.15
08. The Flag  7.11
09. Mithrandir  5.30
10. ...Of Thingol & Melian  21.25

#10: From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Ever one for productivity, there are a number of proposed promotional CD's in the W.A.R. archives that were planned and - in some cases - designed in some detail, but never issued.  And here's another one, the heroically titled "A Warriors Legend".

Taking as its cover a piece of art that did eventually see the light of day (as the original tape pressing of "A Song From The Woods", this disc would have collated a number of previously released songs with 3 new tracks.  Usually at this stage Nazgul would have to go into great detail about the release that each song features on, but this task is handily done already by Hugin in the artwork!

A word on the advertised 'unreleased' songs, as the first one to catch the eye is 'Far Away'. Now, the 2013 Uruk Hai release "...And All The Magic & Might He Brought" had as its second song a track called 'Far Away' (clocking in at 6 minutes duration).  Also, back in 2006 (which which would contemporary with this promo), the project also released "Across The Misty Mountains (Far, Far Away)" on Stuka Sound.  Logically, it's highly likely that this unreleased song either became a track on that latter release or was substantially reworked for the 2013 opus.  Only Hugin knows....

It would have been something of a splendid release, this one, had it come to pass.  However, now suitably armed with the art and the source material one could put together one's own copy of this release if one was so inclined.  It's very tempting...!

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