Saturday, 15 February 2014

DRACHENFEUER > fabric patch

Item: A band logo fabric patch, measuring 10cm by 2.5cm, produced by Depressive Illusions (Ukraine)

An early contender for this years shortest post, it is nevertheless a pleasure to welcome back to Honour and Darkness the Drachenfeuer project, after far too long away!

Sadly, we are still not able to celebrate the formal release of the amazing 2CD set that was recorded with Jim Kirkwood seemingly aeons ago, but given the band's new Facebook page perhaps things are beginning to gather momentum and move in their favour?

In the meantime, for all of you wanting to support the project and decorate your denims with a item sure to cause confusion and puzzlement among your friends, here is a new band logo patch for your delectation!

Nazgul has discovered there is a fireworks company in deepest Austria ('Feuerwerk & Pyrotechnik' no less) that shares the same name as the band, based in Weistrach, a mere 30 minute drive from Linz.  The opportunities for some corporate sponsorship of the band's debut album "The Realm Of The Light" must surely exist!  Just think, the company could use the music in their displays, whilst each CD released could come packaged with a free firework!  Never has a corporate tie-in seemed so obvious!

Availability of the patch seems good - drop Hugin an email via the usual routes to procure one of your own.

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