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Title: Winter Battles
Format: 6 x Cassette tape box-set released on the Fallen Angels Productions label (South Korea) in 2013, cat ref FAP049.  Hand-made wooden box with latch, inlay booklet, and reissued classic Hrosshargrani albums in all-new artwork.
Edition: Limited to 26 hand-numbered copies, the first 7 in colour and the remainder in black and white

Track Listing: 
Tape 1: Of Battles, Ravens & Fire
Tape 2: Der Ring Der Macht
Tape 3: In The Mystic Forest
Tape 4: Ewig Winter
Tape 5: Blut (version 1998/99)
Tape 6: Blut (version 2011 

Castle Nazgul is in need of repair to keep its crumbling walls from falling into the surrounding moat, so what better time for your scribe to embark on costly and lengthy renovations when the Lady and Son and Heir are away visiting their ancestral homelands.  But where's a good Dwarf engineer when you need one?  Aah yes, dead and rotting under the Castle ramparts.  Such a shame, but Nazgul will toil on himself.

And to keep him entertained during strenuous endeavours that have already seen accident and incident going hand in hand, Nazgul has been enjoying this beautifully put together box set from Fallen Angel Productions. Indeed, so proud of it must label owner Jong Chen be that he has signed a photograph of himself on the accompanying inlay booklet: surely a first!?

A box-set of 6 cassettes is not an immediately obvious thing to be retailing in this age of digital downloads and media streaming, perhaps helping to explain why only 26 were produced, the first 7 of which were with colour tape inlays and booklet.  Nazgul has added one of each variant to his horde, and it is the colour version predominantly featured here (the black and white covers sport the same artwork, merely in monochrome).

The titles you will be familiar with (or if not, say 100 Hail Mary's and read the Blog from the very beginning) so let Nazgul merely take you on a tour of the box contents as he heads back off to the crenelations to find a way to stop water pouring in through the roof....  

Of Battle, Ravens & Fire

This is the generic reverse illustration on each separate inlay
Der Ring Der Macht

In The Mystic Forest

Ewig Winter

Blut (version 1998/99)

Blut (version 2011)

Overall a really good opportunity to wander down memory lane and soak in the violence and sheer unadulterated Viking fury that was the Battle Machine Hrossharsgrani in the late 1990s.  Nazgul believes copies may still be available at the label, so why not pop over there and see?

Now, where's that chisel got to....?

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