Thursday, 9 January 2014


Title: Schlachthaustanz
Format: An unreleased project, a proposed split release with Inferi Nebula Mortuum (Germany)

#9: From the Vaults of W.A.R. 

Another lost release from the darkest vaults of Hugin's archive!

This rather graphic cover image (taken from the Hellrazor film series) is the only remaining evidence that a planned split release between Uruk Hai and Inferi Nebula Mortuum was ever mooted.  I doubt that when Marillion penned 'Hooks In You' they had anything quite like this in mind....!?

Details for this item are scarce, so bear with Nazgul on this one.  The title of the proposed split was "Schlachtaustanz", which was actually a song by Inferi Nebula Mortuum, which was used on the compilation "Tobende Donner 1" released in 2006 on the Eclipse of Live Promulgation label.  Certainly online evidence points towards there being a song of this name, of 3:53 duration, recorded by the band in question.  The title of the track, by the way, fits the image on the cover nicely as it translates as "Slaughterhouse Dance".

Indeed, if you were inclined to want to purchase a copy, Nazgul notices that the Todestrieb Distro is currently advertising one for sale for only £3.50!  

It has to be said that Inferi Nebula Mortuum are something of an elusive band to find out much about, as their web presence is pretty minimal and their MySpace page redundant.  However, Nazgul has learned from the powers that be that Inferi Nebula Mortuum are members of various other bands including Heldentum and Goblin Spell (who also appear on that EoLP compilation) and was led by Aamon from Eclipse Of Live Promulgation.  Nazgul did discover that they were also supposed to have released a split 7" with Vomit Church (a Mexican/Greek black metal consortium) but that this fell through as the EoLP label went out of business.  The same fate almost certainly affected the destiny of the proposed split with Uruk Hai.

Going off at a brief tangent, have you ever considered the oddness of the label name Eclipse of Live Promulgation?  To eclipse something is fairly well understood - essentially, to completely or partially obscure an object.  Promulgation, on the other hand, is the act of formally proclaiming or declaring a new statutory or administrative law after its enactment.  So.....the label's meaning is to overshadow the physical (live) event of public declaration?  Hmmmm....    

Anyway, back on-topic, the planned contribution from Uruk Hai was never finalised, as plans for the split were cancelled very early on, so from that perspective there is absolutely nothing more to tell you!

The only place to find the original song....

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