Saturday, 7 December 2013


Title: Fear Of The Deep
Reason for update: A promotional copy emerges from the murky depths....

This mini-CD from COI was reviewed back in the early days of Honour and Darkness and was released in the early days of the COI project (November 2007, to be precise).  Nazgul's original written piece pretty much said as much as was necessary about this tidy little song, and a review in Heathen Harvest also made for a relevant read.

Not much left to update for this release then, you might imagine.  And you'd be correct if it hadn't been for the small matter of a copy of the thing being advertised for sale online quite recently.  Now, as you'll be aware from stories of yore, Nazgul is prone to buying duplicate copies of Hugin's releases - particularly the rarer ones - on the basis that they provide good trading material and oftentimes Nazgul has the very collector in mind who has been asking after the availability of a particular release.  In this instance, finding one of the limited-to-only-19 copies of "Fear Of The Deep" seemed to be something of a miracle in itself, but when the disc arrived the plot thickened when the issue number was found to be absent, with the lettering "Pr." being written there instead, in red ink.

Clearly a promotional release of the single, then, but how many we actually put out in this way, wondered Nazgul?  According to Hugin, this is very possibly only the one that was issued, which from his recollection was sent for review to ....Heathen Harvest!

And so our update comes full circle (well, sort of).  This unique promotional version is now winging its way across the globe as a gift to a good friend for Christmas, and is one of the few items of such rarity to escape the gravitational pull of Castle Nazgul.  It's always worth enquiring what other oddities Nazgul has lurking around the Castle for sale or trade - only the other day a tape plus CDr copy of the "s.t.r.a.n.g.e." release came into my possession, and that's as rare as hen's teeth to find as you'll know.

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