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Title: The BFW Christmas Album 2013 [V/A]
Release date: 16 December 2013
Reason for inclusion: Festive frolics and miscellaneous music, featuring a collaborative track between When We Live and Hugin!
Edition: Unlimited internet download

Track Listing:
01.  When We Live (featuring Alexander Wieser)  *  Frozen In Time  02:18
02.  The Amygdala  *  Zephyrus
03.  Perceptual Defence & Uzbazur345  *  Waiting for Christmas Magic Atmosphere
04.  Scott Lawlor  *  Drone for Christmas
05.  Mystified  *  Lasting Through The Season
06.  Cousin Silas  *  New Light On The Hill
07.  Ars Sonor  *  Future Journeys
08.  Playman54  *  Solar Beltower's signal (end of cycle)
09.  Meteer  *  Gran Insel Stigmata
10.  Elizabeth Veldon  *  The Holly and the Ivy  
11.  Jon Johnson  *  As Dry Leaves That Before The Wild Hurricane Fly
12.  Alphonsin  *  Winter Solstice
13.  The Owl Effect  *  Radio Fiction (Demo Version)
14.  dmyra  *  Reindeer Family
15.  Chris Fordham  *  Yuletide
16.  Eko_Fisk  *  Solstice
17.  Bing Satellites  *  Guess Who?
18.  Antimon  *  Royal Castles of Snow
19.  Sheldon Gava  *  Christmas Again
20.  Tim Kays  *  Coffee with Mr. Kringle
21.  SineRider  *  First Snow
22.  ROGUE SPORE  *  Crystal Conifer
23.  Galactic Kaleidoscope  *  Christmas On Mars
24.  The Akkeshi Bebop Contamination Quintet  *  Ibaraki Christmas
25.  Would-Be Messiahs  *  Shh, 'Tis Wild Aitch (Thinker Nights dub)
26.  Buben  *  2014 Comes
27.  Daniel Prendiville  *  Son Of...
28.  Luciftias  *  Drowning in the Ghosts of Christmas Past
29.  Ade Hodges  *  Klingons off the Starboard Bow
30.  TOTAL E.T.  *  23 Scovt (Cold Space Stretch)
31.  Mr. Tinkoble  *  Mitaxim
32.  midnightradio11  *  V├Ąterchen Frost
33.  Uzbazur & Perceptual Defence  *  Palestine Bells
34.  MagicVan  *  Where Are You?
35.  Magnetic Wind  *  Angels We Have Heard On High
36.  Peter Edwards  *  Ice Drone (extended)

If you're woefully short on inspiration for that special Christmas present for your loved one - well, for shame: you should have given the matter more thought.  Nazgul has no sympathy for such inefficiency!  However, if you've done all the shopping and have room for one more tidbit then why not consider downloading this festive compilation from BFW Recordings, their Christmas Album 2013.  

BFW recordings is an independent net-label based in Manchester, England.  They are purveyors of high quality indie, ambient, shoegaze, post-rock, experimental and electronica from around the world, all available as free downloads. The label original hosted material from Bing Satellites but evolved and exhibits a multitude of artists. "If you're looking for lush soundscapes or glitchy indie, BFW have an impressive release catalogue," cry the online critics, and gadzooks they might just be right.

And Ho! Ho! and thrice Ho! for 'tis the season to be jolly after all, so why not enjoy a festive sing-along with an enthusiastic crowd of BFW artists!?  36 in total, almost certainly something for everyone whether you fancy an alternative rendition of a seasonal classic (Elizabeth Veldon's peculiar piano version of 'The Holly and the Ivy' a case in point) or something a bit more tangential to the festivities ('Ice Drone (extended)' anyone...?).  It's a  cornucopia of Christmas cheer, a flurry of festive fun, a wickedly witty winter wonderland of.... oh sod it, you get the idea I'm sure.

Nazgul's interest was piqued of course by the very first song, a collaboration between When We Live - suppliers of finest Russian experimental ambient - and our man Hugin, or more formally Alexander Wieser in this instance.  Said the man himself of this track, "the guy behind When We Live asked me several times to do a collaboration track with him and this time I said yes because he is a really nice guy and I didn't want to disappoint him.  I added just some guitar sounds to his music but I think it fits well :-)" and if you point your mouse/browser in the right direction you can judge the success of this statement for yourself.

Personally, Nazgul thinks this makes for a perfectly pleasant listen - the gentle strings and synth effects from When We Live sit well with some atmospheric riffs from Hugin.  Nazgul will freely confess to not having heard the entire album from start to finish, but of those songs that I have heard this is certainly one of the best, and definitely one of the most accessible.

BFW themselves promote the download modestly, nothing that "It's that time of year again. Nights are growing darker. There's a chill in the air and turkeys and their vegetarian equivalents are starting to get nervous."  There's certainly a chill in the air around the crumbling walls of Castle Nazgul this month, with seasonal frosts and cold winds starting to chill and shake the shadowy edifice that is home to the Nazgul clan.  Bah - Humbug!

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