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Title: Konkubinen - Eigentümliche Entrücktheit Im Nebel Der Verdammnis (Ein Hörspiel In Acht Akten)
Format: A CD planned by the W.A.R. label for a 2003 release, but never issued
Edition: N/A

Proposed track listing:
01. Einleitung: Visionen & Fieberträume
02. Kinder Der Nacht
03. Unheilvolle Kreaturen Im Mondlicht (Erster Blutzyklus)
04. Huren Dracula's (Zweiter Blutzyklas)
05. Fluß Der Tränen
06. Zarückgewonnene Jugend
07. Kloster Der Hoffhung
08. Ausklang

#8: From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Loosely translated, the monstrous full title for this release is something on the lines of "Concubines - a peculiar reverie in the mists of perdition (a radio play in eight acts)".  Extraordinary!

It would have been a formal release in 2003 were it not for the vagaries of Elisabetha's musical world, as it ultimately became destined to be retitled as "Und Wirklichkeit erfüllt die Seele wieder" and released on 6 January 2004 by the German Black Attakk label.  In this final iteration it retained the following tracks, with slightly enhanced titles in some cases:
1. Einleitung: Visionen & Fieberträume  02:34    
2. Kinder der Nacht (Die Musik der Toten)  10:23    
3. Unheilvolle Kreaturen im Mondlicht (Erster Blutzyklus)  04:19    
4. Huren Dracula's (Zweiter Blutzyklus)  03:08    
5. Fluss der Tränen - Elisabetha's Fluch (Eine Ode an die ewige Liebe)  09:52    
6. Zurückgewonnene Jugend (Manifest des Blutes)  01:57    
7. Kloster der Hoffnung (Bittersüss setzt ein das Leiden)  06:20    

to which were then added three further songs:

8. Verdorbene Erde (Furchtlose Krieger im Dienste des Meisters)  02:18    
9. Das Totenschiff Demeter (Logbucheinträge aus dem Nebelmeer)  18:02    
10. Der Wolf (Puls unendlicher Pein)  06:53  

This 2004 release deleted the track 'Ausklang', which may (or may not!) have been related to 'Ausklang Todt' from the Blutrausch demo, also of 2003!  Welcome once again to the never-ended complexities of Hugin's back catalogue!

Fortunately for one and all, however, the proposed artwork for the "Konkubinen" release survived, buried deep underground in the bowels of the damp earth, and here it is in all of its previously unseen gory glory for you to drool over...

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