Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Title: Heidensturm
Reason for update: An old flyer for this album (now in glorious Technicolor!)

This colour flyer (which measured a tidy 7cm by 10cm) was once upon a time used to promote the rather excellent "Heidensturm" album by Hrefnesholt, which must by default date it to around the 2004-05 period.  

As a loyal and avid reader of Nazgul's musings you will know this already, by dint of the fact that this flyer was once covered in these hallowed pages (on 22 October 2009, in fact).  However, that earlier post showed the flyer in black and white, whereas this version shows the full monty colour version.  Well worth a post of its own, therefore!

Although the final tape version of this demo was released by the Italian Werwolf label in 2004 the details given on this flyer pertain to the Wandalen Distro Germanien, which changed its name to Noxs Runas Produktionen sometime after.  Wandalen was run by a Mr. Hiller based at the address shown on the flyer, and the label released a total of three tape demos, one each for Hellebaard, Hordes Of Loki, and Nordvykk.  However, it was never part of the final physical release of this album.  

Perhaps the flyer was simply to drum up some interest to shift their stock holdings of the tape, not that they could have had that many given the limited numbers made!  Alternatively, and here's where the story becomes shrouded in the mists of time, Hugin wonders whether this label was originally supposed to have released the demo, only to be changed to Werwolf at the last minute.  We probably will never know.

Technically the fourth update of this release, no matter what the past numbering on this Blog might suggest (!), with the original album being reviewed on 26 May 2009, followed by updates on 22 October 2009, 16 December 2009 and then 18 August 2012.  Who knows, perhaps future updates could follow even now...?!

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