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Elisabetha interview in Possessed Magazin

And this is....?  An online interview for Possessed Magazin dating back to March 2003

Recently Honour and Darkness featured a Hrossharsgrani interview conducted between Hugin and Possessed Magazin (sic), and lo and behold an Elisabetha equivalent also was found to exist!  Nazgul has edited the piece slightly for ease of reading, and it is otherwise reproduced in full below.

It is becoming rare now to find new Elisabetha material to cover, so this is something of a godsend for anyone still craving knowledge about this dark, vampyric project.

Please, tell us something about your band (history, members, recordings/releases, live gigs, label)?

ELISABETHA's Dark World……

"I was frightened, rooted to the spot and a cold shiver ran down my spine so much so I was almost paralysed. At the same time when the moon lit the grave the storm began once again.  Driven by great curiosity I came closer to the grave to find out what it was all about and why it was on such a deserted spot.  I stepped around it and read over the Dorian pole in German language:

Count Alexander Zu Sankt Magdalena
Looked for and found dead

At the top of the grave was stuck an iron pole, which was obviously driven through the marble.  Something phantasmical and scary lay over the whole thing. Through mysterious circumstances I had finally found after 131 years the Mentor for this project ... ELISABETHA"

Through the project ELISABETHA we developed our own niche of the 'occult radio play' built with a 4-track recorder, an attempt to adapt the fantastical literature of the 19th century taking into account Black-Metallic elements for contemporary musical theatre?

Our Releases so far:

1. "Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit" - A demonstration cassette: (In English: "Thirst For Everlasting Life"). It was the first part of Vampyr radio plays, recorded in the year 2000 to covering the bloody heritage of Lord Byron and Bram Stoker. The story tells about the bloody and weird adventures Jonathan Harker lived to see in Siebenbürgen. The cassette was strictly limited to 100 items and is sold out now.

2. The Song "Isten Szek - Gottes Sitz (Denn Die Toten Reiten Schnell)" - We put the song of our first demo in a edited version at the Lithuanian compilation CD "Atlantida Volume 8" released in the beginning of 2001.

3. The Song "Tanz Der Vampire": (In English: 'Dance Of The Vampyrs') We put this song at the Lithuanian compilation CD "Atlantida Volume 11", released in the end of 2001.

4 . "Bluthochzeit" 7" EP: The songs included here are not a continuation of Bram Stoker's novel; on the Blood Side you can hear the song 'Bluthochzeit', at the Ritual Side you will find the track 'Oratorium Draculae In Gloriam (Luzifergesänge)".  The EP is strictly limited to 100 copies.

5 . "Sterbegesänge" demo tape: There are songs included on this tape which have been never released before; it is a limited edition of 1000 professional copies released by the Portuguese Label Halluzination Zine, 10 songs (+1 hidden track) with a total running time of almost 63 minutes.

6. "Renfield" CD: The Bram Stoker story continues. Released in the beginning of the year 2002 at the German Label Schwarzdorn Productions, limited to 100 copies in its first edition. Here you can hear 2 tracks ('Besessenheit In Agonie-Renfield Ein Panoptikum Des Grauens' and 'Renfield Hedoniker In Demut Das Ethische Prinzip Der Sinnenlust') with a total running time of more than 45 minutes.

7. "Erszebet Bathori (Eine Ode in Blut) Kapitel 1" 7" EP - released as a split EP with the Austrian Viking Metal band Valhalla and limited to 100 copies. Here you can hear the first chapter of the Countess Bathory trilogy, a story about blood and everlasting life. The sotory of Elisabetha, perhaps...?

Forthcoming Releases:
(a) "Erszebet Bathory (eine Mär Aus Fleisch) Kapitel II" 7? EP - the second part of the Countess Bathory trilogy
(b) "Huren Dracula's" CD - the Bram Stoker story continues (on Blodmorfogh Productions)
(c) "Nachtmärfahrten" LP - the pure horror soundtrack (on Blodmorfogh Productions)
(d) "Isten Szek!?" CrR - a split release with October from the U.K. (on Odium Records)
(e) "Vampyr" 7" EP - vampyric avant-garde

The band: Investigators of the bizarre:
- Blutgraf Gha'agsheblah : Song concept, Bass, Vocals, Layout, Samples, Etc.
- Graf Alexander Zu Sankt Magdalena : Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals, Samples, Programming, Bass,?

How would you describe your position in the wide-world metal scene? What do you think about the underground movement?

Elisabetha is the darkest side of the underground!  Through the Internet the underground becomes much stronger, so I'm not sure what is underground and which bands are not any more.

Which 3 CDs would you take with you to a lonely island?

a) Laibach – Opus Dei
b) Schwarze Stille – Licht und Schatten
c) Sophia – Herbstwerk

If you had enough money to shoot a video, what would the clip look like?

The video would be in the vein of an old Vampire movie, like the Hammer Horror films with Christopher Lee

If you had the chance to change one day of your life, which would it be and why?

To change the day of my birth into the day of my death

Which song will be played on your burial?

Laibach – Life Is Life

If you had the chance to kill someone and to bring back one person at the same time, who would they be and why?

I'd like to kill Hugh Grant – I hate his movies sooooooo much!
Hopefully Vlad Dracul comes back

What does 'Metal' mean to you?

What a question! The best part of my life!

What is your opinion on political lyrics?

Elisabetha stands for Vampyric Avant-garde – this is not compatible with politics…..

What can we expect from your band in the future?

In March 2003 comes the LP called "Nachtmärfahrten"; at the same time Odium Rex in the U.K. will release a split CDr with OCTOBER, and at the end of 2003 comes the CD "Huren Dracula's" at Blodmorfogh Productions.

Some of the items mentioned above but not widely available (for example, the split CDr between Elisabetha and October) have been covered in past posts here on Honour and Darkness, so it is well worth trawl back through the archives to revisit this older material.

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