Friday, 11 October 2013


Title: Cirith Ungol
Reason for update: The exhaustive list of Cirith Ungol releases previously reviewed turns out to be not so exhaustive after all....

Nazgul inadvertently omitted this unique variant of "Cirith Ungol" from the recent coverage of this epic album, so here we have a swift update to rectify the issue.

The proud owners are Nick and Michele, who have featured in Honour and Darkness posts before for their various spirited endeavours in supporting Hugin's projects.  Their specially created version of the album - containing the early demo version of the song on silver CDr - comes with a hard-written warning from Hugin to "watch out for the spider", and slightly different cover art.  

The front sports a more 'arty' and stylised version of the cover artwork from the official A5 digipak version, and most notably changes the colour tone of the rocks at the base of the cover to something a tad more psychedelic.  Clearly a result of something hallucinogenic in Shelob's venom... .

To finish: on an almost-random-but-vaguely-related spidery theme, an anagram of the names of our two custodians for this item works out as "The kind, crab-like intimacy", which is of course an immeasurably useful piece of information to know.  Interestingly, using Nicholas rather than Nick results in an alternative anagram for the pair of "Thickish, inalterably demoniac", on which worrying note Nazgul shall take his leave!

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