Monday, 30 September 2013


Title: Kriegsliebe 
Proposed format: Bonemachine / Institution D.O.L. split release on CDr

#6: From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Many moons ago Nazgul remembers reading somewhere about a forthcoming split release between Bonemachine and Austrian noise/power electronics project Institution D.O.L. (or I.D.O.L. for short).

Whether this was on the inlay of an existing Bonemachine release, somewhere online or through an email exchange with Hugin is now long lost to the midst of time and the vagaries of Nazgul's memory, but whatever the source of the memory it is nevertheless absolutely accurate to say that the proposed release never did happen.

The objective on "Kriegsliebe" (literally: Love War) was to record two long collaborative tracks, both 25 minutes in duration, as the finalised artwork reveals.  One of these pieces actually became the track 'Jetzt!', and appeared on the "Upcoming Releases" promotional CDr covered by Honour and Darkness.  This track then became 'Now' from the "Right Now" CDr, in a 're-mastered Napalm version' no less.

The Heathen Harvest review of this particular song recorded, "...the charnel house and factory rhythms are prevalent beneath a spoken word sample.  This track bears the hallmark of vintage Coil and Foetus where strange sonics build over glitchy machine effects and shards of metallic percussion batter away remorselessly.  This is cold, industrial and metronomic.  Fifteen minutes in and the pace quickens as the rhythms divide and fragment.  The remainder of the track undergoes subtle variation before concluding with a vocal sample instructing an invisible other to ‘terminate with extreme prejudice’.

But what of the other, second song?  Hugin explains:

"The plan was for each of us record a 25 minute long song and for each of us to add his sounds to the other's song - a collaboration track split!  My track is on "Now" but IDOL's track is still unreleased. Matthias, the guy behind IDOL, cancelled the split a few days after I had recorded my part for it :-((

It´s sad because I like this idea behind that split.... anyway he decided to cancel it and I had to agree"

And that's a shame, because it would have been a most interesting track to hear.

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