Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Title: Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom

#2: From the Vaults of W.A.R.

So to the second part of the newly instigated series here on Honour and Darkness, retrieving all manner of interesting bits and pieces from the shadowy vaults of Hugin's W.A.R. Productions archives.

Tonight's item is a never-before seen cover for a proposed Uruk Hai demo, rejoicing under the title "Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom".

The image may well be familiar to you, and if not then let Nazgul jog your memory: it was used as the cover of the "Elbenmacht" CDr demo that featured in the Blog on 25 April 2009, which you may recall was itself a one-off release for Nazgul based on a previously unreleased album.  So "Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom" is essentially the lost precursor for the lost album that was finally given an official tape release through Wulfrune Worxx in 2009 (and the post of 17 November 2009 will cover that for you)!

Personally, Nazgul thinks the blue hue of this version suits the piece better, with the impression being given of a solitary figure striding through bleak and snowy landscapes (presumably high up in the Misty Mountains) whilst on their way to perform some epic and heroic quest, such as sorting out Hugin's archives!

Proposed songs for this demo would have been the same as used on Elbenmacht, namely:

01. Intro 00:42
02. Lebenin 09:26
03. Elbenmacht 00:45
04. The Plague 07:11
05. Uruk Hai (part III) 00:34
06. Long Before I Die 03:35
07. Growth Of A Black Flower 02:49
08. Pagan Spirit 01:37
09. Dragonfire (demo version) 10:06

although of course given Hugin's endearing habit of adding bonus material or remixed versions who knows what the actual final running order might have looked like.

Nazgul's thirst for trivia leads him to identify only one other metal release that shared the same name as this: German band Mania's speed metal classic from 1988; a 7 song EP that bears absolutely nothing in common with Uruk Hai's musical output!

Once again feast your eyes upon what might have been, and then cast them down below for a picture of what was...

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