Monday, 26 August 2013


Title: The Force...

#3: From the Vaults of W.A.R.

The recent gap in Blog transmissions was the result of Nazgul taking a much needed holiday away from the Castle and going back to his ancient Celtic roots.  A lovely destination, but most assuredly not a galaxy far, far away ... which is where this long-lost Bonemachine tape demo originates.

Originally conceived to be a cassette release in its own right, this particular set of songs was later to resurface in two different places: 'The Force' and 'Metamorphose' appear on the excellent Smell The Stench compilation CDr "The First Evil Spell", whilst the "Coldashell" song made an appearance on the split CD with Rei Rea

Both of these releases were covered in the early days of Honour and Darkness, and and long time ago they seem now!

The cover of the proposed artwork sees an appearance by Darth Vader; although it's not on this proposed demo, Bonemachine did of course release a track called 'Darth Vader' as part of the online "Extraterrestrial Death" free release, also through Smell The Stench, which gives us a handy time-frame on which to base the likely anticipated release of this tape, although the date of April 2006 given on the inlay is a pretty big clue too!

Also appearing on the inlay is Bonemachine-maestro Hugin, although given the visual effect applied to his face it looks like an accident with a transporter beam has rather spoiled his day..!

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