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Followers of Honour and Darkness ... #7

Another great friend of Honour and Darkness - Thomas Kahr
The passion for collecting sometimes becomes an obsession.  Nazgul understands this, and suffers the same symptoms as a number of you out there in the pursuit of all things Hugin.  So it's very welcome that we can add to our small family not only another maniac in the collecting field, but one with the professional skills to help us with our obsessions!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we welcome Thomas to the occasional series 'Followers of Honour and Darkness', complete with his eye-watering collection of Uruk Hai items!

(1) Welcome to Honour and Darkness: tell us your name?
My Name is Thomas Kahr

(2) And where do you live?
I live in Leoben, a city in the heart of Austria with 25,000 people. It’s 200km away from Hugin’s hometown of Linz.

(3) Your age?
27 years young!

(4) What do you do for a living?
I am a “male nurse” - I work in a hospital specialising in mental illness.  My department specialises in addictions (alcohol, drugs….)

(5) Your favourite style of music?
Depends on my mood, and is quite varied…

I first listened to Metal when I was 10, my sister played songs by Manowar and that’s how my story started. I bought my first metal record when I was 12 (Manowar´s “Triumph of Steel”).  Years later I came to the harder styles of Metal: I like Black Metal, sometimes Death Metal, Power Metal, some Hard Rock stuff, and later on Dark Ambient.  Also I like Classical music very much. Especially the Baroque Classic Style like Antonio Vivaldi et al (I recommend “The Four Seasons from Vivaldi”!!!)

Soundtracks are also great for Example: “Rambo”, Gladiator, Passion of the Christ, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Apocalypto, Braveheart, Vangelis, Pathfinder…..too many to mention. Sometimes I also like Italian Pop music like Zuccero, Eros Ramazotti and I am also trying some Noise / Industrial stuff at the moment.

(6) Favourite other bands (non-Hugin)?
True Metal/Power Metal style:

Rhapsody/Luca Turilli, Blind Guardian (the old ones!!!), Manowar (until Triumph of Steel), Hammerfall (old ones), Dragonforce, Thy Majesty

Black Metal style:
Nargaroth, Dark Fortress, Nokturnal Mortum, Satanic Warmaster, Abigor, Kroda, Dimmu Borgir (old), Cradle of Filth (old), Burzum (old), Aeba (old), Mystic Circle (old), Darkened Nocturnal Slaughtercult, Enthroned, Belphegor, Graveland, Marduk, Summoning….and so on….

Hard Rock style:
Guns N’ Roses, Kiss, Alice Cooper

(7) How long have you been reading Honour and Darkness?
Umm … I have to guess: I think it is now 2-3 years. It was at a time when something like an official Uruk Hai Website exists, and I think there was a link. I’ve been a regular reader for a year and an extreme reader since the Metal Archives site for Uruk Hai was BLACK LISTED! (What a shame!!!)  I believe I’m not the only collector who was very frustrated when the Metal Archives Uruk Hai Page was deleted.

(8) How did you first come across Hugin's music?
The first contact with his music (and I didn’t know that this was Hugin) was the “Sterbegesänge” Tape from Elisabetha. It was 2005-2006. This was totally different and new at this time, and therefore it was very special, very atmospheric.

(9) You have an awesome collection of Uruk Hai releases: I'm guessing that this your favorite project amongst Hugin's many bands?
Yes, you are right, Uruk Hai is definitely my favorite of Alex’s bands.

I will do a list for a better report of my collection:

Tape collection
In Durins Halls (1999 WAR Prod)
In Durins Halls (2004 Eclipse of live Promulgation)
In Durins Halls (2008 Smell the stench)
Barbarians (Orcish battle Hymns Pt. 2)
Darkness Pt. 2
Darkness Pt. 2 (with bonus track)
Dragons of War
Northern Lights
Elves and Men
Orchish Battle Hymns
Orcish Battle Hymns (Version 2010)
A Night in the Forest
Songs from the Woods (Eclipse of Live Promulgation)
Songs from the Woods (Depressive Illusions)
Spirits from the Ancient Worlds
Spirits from the Past
Long Forgotten Tales
Middle Earth Pt. 1
Gil Galad (Depressive Illusions)
Wrath of the Ring
Emyn Muil
Across the Misty Mountains
War Poems
Ein Zeitzeichen von Lebenin
Die Festung
Lost Songs From Middle Earth
Lebensende Winter
The Battle/A Vikings Journey
After the War (Orcish battle Hymns Part 4)
A Dark Force Shines Golden
Tawantinsuyu (double Tape)
Black Blood, White Hand (unmastered first version from Wulfrune Worxx)
Black Blood, White Hand (Depressive Illusions)
Orc Funeral
Dagor Dagorath
Long Before the Creation
Northern Lights Pt. 2
A Vikings Journey
Quenta Silmarillion
Cirith Ungol
Battle Yells
Battle Magic

Split Tapes:
Uruk Hai/Symbiosis
Uruk Hai/Arkillery
Uruk Hai/Vinterriket (Nazgul/Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit)
Uruk Hai/Vinterriket (The Uruk Hai/Nachschwarze Momente)
Uruk Hai/Valpurgi
Uruk Hai/Valar
Uruk Hai/Orcrist (Wulfrune Worxx)
Uruk Hai/Orcrist (W.A.R. Productions)
Uruk Hai/Wear and Tear
Uruk Hai/Hrefnesholt (Quenta Silmarillion Pt.1/Furchtelmandln)
Uruk Hai/Hrefnesholt (Quenta Silmarillion Pt.2/Dunklmoos)
Uruk Hai/Moloch/Luten/Ad Noctum (Khvorost)
Uruk Hai/Bestia (Under A White Hands Flag)
Uruk Hai/Bestia (Dragon War)
Uruk Hai/Hugin (Gil Galad/Bounded by Blood)
Uruk Hai/Abandoned (Valhall)
Uruk Hai/Hrossharsgrani (Valkyrian Romance/The Long Grey Road)
Uruk Hai/Errako/Morgvir/Nihiürbtrath
Uruk Hai/Hrossharsgrani/Elisabetha/B-Machina
Uruk Hai/Surt

CD collection
CD, CDr, 3 CDr:
Barbarians (Orcish battle Hymns Pt. 2) CD
Lothlorien CD
Lothlorien 4 x 3CDr
A Night in the Forest CD
Dragons of War CD
War Poems CD

Across the Misty Mountains CD
Quenta Silmarillion Cdr
Blutreich Cdr
EA Cdr
Cirith Ungol CD
Cirith Ungol A5 Digi
Northern Lights CD
Black Blood, White Hand CD
The Battle CD
Lost Songs From Middle Earth CD
In Durins Halls (Return to the Mines of Moria) CD
Emyn Muil CDr
Tawantinsuyu CD
Morgoth CDr
Balrog CDr
Upon the Elysian Fields 4x3CDr
Upon the Elysian Fields 2xCDr
Dagor Dagorath 3CDr
March to War 3CDr
Orc Funeral 3CDr
Long Before the Creation 3CDr

Uruk Hai/Vinterriket ~2~ CD
Uruk Hai/Noldor CDr
Uruk Hai/Onyx CDr
Uruk Hai/Sieghetnar CD
Uruk Hai/Ancient Tongues CDr
Uruk Hai/Nebula VII CDr
Uruk Hai/Moloch 3CDr (Vereint durch die Kraft uralter Wälder)
Uruk Hai/Woodlands Edge (Land of the shadows)
Uruk Hai/Mhnunrrn

Box-set collection
Box Sets:
A Warriors Death
Smell the Stench From a Battlefield Without Honour
…And in the Darkness Bind Them
The Orcish Battle Hymns
Cirith Ungol
Epic Part 1
Epic Part 2
Ancient Memories
In Durins Halls (Return to the Mines of Moria) Metal Box
Black Blood, White Hand
TRYBY 3CDr metal box
The Orcish Battle Hymns (tape box set)
Courage Is Found In Unlikely Places
Legacy of the Tyrant
Everlasting Sounds of Middle Earth
Tales of Glory and Mystery
Everlasting Wrath of the Tyrant

Uruk Hai/Moloch Split LP “Iron Age”

Miscellaneous projects
Other projects 

Heidensturm tape
Wurzelmann tape
A Haund voi Dreck Cdr
Uraungst CD
Trostlos box-set

Sanguis CD
Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est CD
Hrossharsgrani/Dead Mans Hill Split CD
Ancient Tales tape

Und Wirklichkeit Erfüllt die Seele Wieder Cd
Über das Prinzip der Unschuld CD
Sterbegesänge tape
Vampyr tape
Untodt tape
Blutrausch tape

Demo 1/2010 tape
Behind the moon we are looking… CD

Rehearsal 2002-2004 tape
Erste Rotation DoCD
Rotations Zwei CDr

Ceremony of Innocence:
Our Fire Burns Cdr

And the story continues … there is more stuff to come in the future!

(10) What was the first thing you bought that Hugin composed?
As I mentioned it was the Elisabetha “Sterbegesänge” tape, but the intensive collecting started afterwards. I guess this was 6 or 7 years ago, I listened a lot to Vinterriket at that time. Then my first demo was the Nazgul/Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit split tape. After some listening to this tape, I liked the music very much. And I contacted a label called Ravenheart Productions in Czech for an order including “A Night in the Forest”, “In Durins Halls (2004 Version)” and “Barbarians Orcish Battle Hymns Part II".

(11) What was the last thing you bought that Hugin composed?
Actual I received a package from France. I found a blog for collectors and it offers real pearls from Uruk Hai like “Battle Magic”, “Battle Yells” or Elisabetha’s “Blutrausch” and Hrossharsgrani’s “Ancient Tales”.

(12) What is your favourite release from Hugin's discography to date?I love Tawantinsuyu (I forgot it on my photos, it’s in my car!!!) because it's different theme for Uruk Hai, and there are so majestic compositions in it: one big beautiful song.

Also I love “A Night in the Forest”, “Upon the Elysian Fields” and “War Poems”

(13) What items/release(s) do you most treasure in your collection of Hugin's stuff?

I only have normal editions from albums, but I think a lot of them are really rare and some were very hard to find over the years. My own treasure is the “Upon The Elysian Fields” 3 CDr box,  and of course my favorite album Tawantinsuyu. I know you can find it very easily but I really love it, and I am proud to own a lot of limited box sets and items in smaller circulation around the globe.

I nearly have all Items from the TOP 10 Uruk Hai Items listed on Honour and Darkness and I’m proud of that.

(14) Are there any particular releases of Hugin’s that are you looking for?

I would like to fulfil my collection as every fanatic maniac wants to!

I'm searching for:

Middle Earth Parts 2, 3 and 4, In Durins Halls (Return to the Mines of Moria)

Über die Nebelberge weit, Gone With The Wind, Elbentanz, Uruk Hai/Arkillery split Cdr, Melancholie eines Herbstes in drei Akten Split Cdr

Box Sets:
Angband (The Metal Fortress), War Anthems, Gorgoroth

(15) Do you have a message for Hugin?

Go on with all your great work on different projects!

Your musical speediness sometimes scares me, sometimes makes me as a collector frustrated (in a positive way), and maybe do something again like Tawantinsuyu if you find the time! This would be great!

(16) What message do you have for your fellow readers of Honour & Darkness?

If you would like to please contact with me, maybe someone who reads this can help me to find my missing stuff!!!   metalium@gmx.at

Support Nazgul and the Honour and Darkness blog. It’s great to know such guy with this big loving passion for Hugins’ work!


Knowing that other people have such awesome collections of Hugin's music sparks a tiny glowing ember in the cold empty blackness of Nazgul's heart.  If you have anything to sell or trade that Thomas is looking for,or just feel the need to converse about all things Uruk Hai, then it is your solemn duty to contact him immediately! 

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