Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Title: A Night In The Forest
Reason for update: The original artwork for this release is discovered!

Well strike me down with a passing hobbit!

This venerable Uruk Hai release was reviewed in detail back on 3 July 2009 and that was pretty much that: an excellent album, but one that has had little further to report on it over time.  And yet here we are - a little over 4 years later - with some exciting and never-before-seen pictures of not one but two proposals for the original artwork intended for the CD version of the album.

You'll notice that it's significantly different in theme to that used on the official version, but is nonetheless both striking and rather intriguing.  Exactly what shenanigans is going on in the classical illustration is left to the viewer's imagination: whether some dark and nefarious deal is in the process of being struck, or it's merely a meeting of friends in the heart of the forest is open to debate.  It's a splendid cover, come what may, and the fact that all of the other inlays had been completed to such a high standard suggests that this version must have been pretty close to being released before an eleventh hour change of heart.

So Nazgul did the decent thing to ask the man himself what the story was. Quoth the Hugin: "it was the first idea but I didn't like it because each page looks different, there is no concept behind it in my opinion. The final artwork is much better"

The second version is quite different again, with a more ethnic Viking feel to the cover.  Those swords have been used before Nazgul thinks, possibly on a Hrossharsgrani demo from years ago - the aged Ring-Wraith's memory is clearly fading - so let us consult with the Oracle once again:  "the image was used for Uruk-Hai but at first I created this cover for the 4th Hrossharsgrani album on CCP Records, which never happened ..."

And there we have it - the moral to today's post is that you never know what will come out of the woodwork, particularly when said woodwork is lining the deepest rooms in the W.A.R. archives!

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