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Title: The Lost Empire
Format: Released as both a double-CDr set and as a double cassette set on Fallen Angels Productions (South Korea) in February 2013, cat ref FAP032.  The CD pressing holds both discs within one case, with a paper insert, whilst the tape set is presented over two cassettes.  This is a 6-way split release, featuring Uruk Hai on the intro track to disc/tape one and the outro track to disc/tape 2.
Edition: The CDr pressing is limited to 50 copies; the tape pressing to 66 copies (all copies are unnumbered)

Track Listing:
Part.1: Wrath of Dawn
1. Intro (Enter Mordor)  03:03
2. War Into The World  05:02
3. Terror Cimbricus  05:45
4. The Raven Flies North  04:48
5. For All Those Who Died  04:28
6. The Soul Of Black Knight  08:38
7. In The Name Of Chiu  05:41
8. Upon Consent Of The Ancient Warriors Soul  05:03
9. Song Of The Musa  06:17

Part.2: The Vanished Time
10. Les Sanctuaires De La Liberte  04:11
11. La Terre Des Anciens  05:24
12. Corbeaux Des Tempetes  06:12
13. Cursed Be The Light  05:18
14. Hellfuck Ritual  07:04
15. 칼바람  06:40
16. Raubern Sie Ihre Tochter Im Keller  06:30
17. De Bruligas Santko  08:45
18. Outro (May It Be)  03:12

Here's a bizarre little compilation on the rapidly expanding Fallen Angels Productions label.

It features a clutch of black metal bands (spanning various shades of 'black' within the genre, from depressive to ambient to aggressive) bookended by a pair of old Uruk Hai songs from 2006's "Lothlorien" album.  Strange bedfellows, strange days...

The assortment of bands herein is like a mini United Nations in terms of global spread: we have Theudho hailing from Belgium, Sad from Greece, Apparition and Pyha from South Korea (home of the Fallen Angels label), Narbarion from France and - you'll know this one - Uruk Hai from Austria.  Nazgul must be honest, the only band apart from Hugin's project that he'd previously enountered was Theudho: they have appeared on a number of tribute albums to bands such as Bathory (with covers of 'A Fine Day to Die' and 'Blood Fire Death'), Summoning ('Marching Homewards'), Falkenbach ('Where Blood Will Soon Be Shed'), Burzum ('Det Som Engang Var') and Celtic Frost ('Dethroned Emperor').

The whole thing makes a jolly loud noise when played at appropriate volume, although finishing on the Enya cover 'May It Be' does come as something of a surprise given the carnage preceding it and it's hard to know if this is a cunning piece of song positioning by Fallen Angels or just random madness.  Let's be generous and say the former, shall we?

If you like some variety in your black metal then this compilation reflects pretty good value for money and does include some tasty morsels.  For anything other than the most dedicated Uruk Hai completist, however, it is something of a redundant oddity featuring a pair of atmospheric but ultimately out of place Uruk Hai songs which hang around awkwardly like a trainee nun at a black mass.  

You get the feel that Fallen Angels felt the need to put out a compilation and that Hugin was far too polite to refuse a contribution or two to the cause.  For all that, however, you'll get some quality listening moments so what the hell - if this genre floats your boat give it a rumble!

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