Friday, 7 June 2013

ELBENWALD - update

Title: Elbenwald
Reason for update: An alternate version discovered with different tape panels

When Nazgul reviewed the early Uruk Hai demo "Elbenwald" back in December 2010,the version reviewed had a tape bearing the grey and white logo'd "Pagan Battle Music" tape panel that was prevalent on Uruk Hai tape releases from the mid 2000's period onward.

It had occasionally crossed Nazgul's mind that this was something of a misnomer in terms of the later date that this panel had been introduced to Hugin's other demos.  It might well stem from the fact that the tape that Nazgul has originally collected was a later issue from W.A.R. which used more contemporary labelling, possibly as one of the artist-released copies rather than a Label-released copy.

As we know from underground releases, it's not uncommon for the Label to send a number of copies directly to the artist for re-sale, and in the case of a tape release it's not unlikely for the printed inlay to be sent from the Label but for the artist to source the tape to record onto, hence possible discrepancies in appearance.

All of which is a long-winded way for Nazgul to note that his recent online searches have identified this alternate version of the "Elbenwald" demo, bearing tape panels bearing the Elven Witchcraft/Beverina Productions label logos.  The musical content is exactly the same, but as an variant on a theme worth noting for the purpose of completeness.  And if nothing else, Honour and Darkness is dedicated to the complete cataloguing of the complete works of our Austria hero, Hugin!

Both versions of Elbenwald - together at last!

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