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Title: 14​-​18 First World War Compilation [V/A]
Format: Online download at the Bandcamp site, compiled by Fraction Studio (France) and released on 2 June 2013.  This is the 15th compilation release in an ongoing series.
Edition: unlimited

Track Listing:
01.  DEUTSCHES KULTURGUT - Boîte A Musique (Germany) 03:51  
02.  CYBERFREAKS - Declaration Of War (Greece) 04:48  
03.  To-Bo - Giftgas Im Schützengraben (Germany) 04:50  
04.  DARMSTADT 1313 - Journal De Guerre (France) 07:28
05.  M.NOMIZED - October 1916 (France) 12:12  
06.  NOS project - 1-2-1-2 (Greece) 05:19  
07.  Os125 - La Garde S'Enterre Mais Ne Se Rend Pas (France) 08:04  
08.  Shaun Robert - Black Poppies (England) 04:33
09.  DAVE FUGLEWICZ - World War One (USA) 07:58
10.  mutanT.R.I. - Nurse With Wound (Slovakia) 03:32  
11.  KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE - N16 Hard 2 (Germany) 06:21  
12.  SYLPHIDES - No War No Dead (Belgium) 04:52  
13.  KORA - Mecontan (France) 04:45  
14.  EXCLAMATION POINT - Crocerossine (Italy) 02:04  
15.  LeRouge - La Fin De Sa Guerre (France) 03:42  
16.  LndMthrFckr - Waiting For A Second (Belgium) 05:31  
17.  IN AETERNAM VALE - Seul (France) 04:40
18.  OSTACOLI SONORI - Inno Alla Morte (Italy) 04:58
19.  OKTUBRE - Tierra De Nadie (Spain) 07:02  
20.  SILENTPORT - Kopfkrieg (Silent War) (Germany) 04:50
21.  HARI HARDMAN - Peace Train (England) 04:27  
22.  CPH321 - Gueule Cassée N°321 (France) 06:08  
23.  LEZET - Finest Earl Gray Across Turbid Waters (Serbia) 02:29
24.  THE IMPLICIT ORDER - End Game (War Over) (USA) 06:53  
25.  MATTHEW BAMBAS - Mobilization April (USA) 07:26
26.  ARS SONOR - World Without... (Sweden) 05:04  
27.  JUKKA-PEKKA KERVINEN - Everything You Hold Worthwhile (Finland) 02:36  
28.  ARVO ZYLO - Upheaval Version 39 (USA) 07:50  
29.  ZREEN TOYZ - Fantômes De Métal, De Chair Et De Boue (France) 05:03
30.  BONEMACHINE - Weak Defence (Austria) 04:48

31.  SVEN MEYER  -  Douaumont (Germany)  03:12  

Another free down load courtesy of the Bandcamp site, this time organised by the Fraction Studio in France.  The stated purpose of this studio, created in August 1983 at Melun, France is to "promote and disseminate cultural facts by the use of image and sound. Production of new music, electro, minimal and other styles all without distinction, etc."

The theme for their 15th compilation is that of the Great War, 1914-1918, so it's only fitting that a new Bonemachine song should grace the 31 song collection.

Hugin's contribution here is presumably not named in honour of the Austrian national football team, but instead reflects upon the nature of defensive fortifications in that epic conflict, of which the Maginot Line in France is one of the best known.

The Bonemachine song is actually one of the highlights on this collection and it's mysterious patterns and vibe bring to mind being caught on the wire in no-man's land, bullets buzzing evilly overhead whilst the ominous distant clanking of cumbersome early tanks freeze the blood in your dying veins....

A compilation well worth exploring, and like all of the Bandcamp pages you can choose to listen to the songs for free then download as many or few as you wish.

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