Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ceremony Of Innocence - new webpage

Band: Ceremony Of Innocence
Reason for post: A new COI website has appeared!

Recent recording activity on the COI front has been prompted to a large extent by the collaboration of Nick Diak with Hugin on a couple of recent releases, one of which ("No Never Not") Nazgul reviewed in April.

Since that time - and another new release, "Our Fire Burns", yet to be covered here - Mr Diak has been busy in promoting COI through his new website, the link to which you really should follow.

It has details about the full COI discography, including the yet-to-be released "The Dance Of The Blue" album, and a host of other details and information besides about this enigmatic synth-pop/EBM side-project.  Hugin himself reckons the site to be "great", and who are we to disagree?

Well worth all of our support, so click through and see what you make of it.  For every visitor, Nazgul promises to pledge the burnt soul of a roasted hobbit to the deepest fires of Hades.  And - much like a man who can't pronounce the letters F, T or H - you can't say fairer than that...

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