Saturday, 11 May 2013


Band: BONEMACHINE (well, Maskinalegg really...)
Title: War Against Banana
Format: A CDr disc in paper sleeve with covering letter, sent to Hugin by Bjorn of Maskinalegg as the band's contribution to this split release of 2007
Edition: Presumed to be the sole copy

Track Listing
01. Banana  10.02

It was on 20 November 2009 that Honour and Darkness considered this fine split release between Bonemachine and the Norwegian project Maskinalegg, which rejoiced under the splendid name of "War Against Banana" and came in a mini-DVD style case with 3" disc, limited to just 150 copies.  You find the odd one for sale still, but increasingly it's become rather a hard release to track down.

The purpose of today's update is twofold: (1) a genuine reason to share with you the original master CDr disc as sent by Bjorn of Maskinalegg to Hugin for inclusion on the split, complete with accompanying letter with kisses and hugs, and (2) an excuse to shoe-horn into the Blog a Bonemachine-related item (however tenuous), as it's been a while since we've had anything from this industrially influenced project.

The Tosom website, which released this split, describes the item as: "Austrian War Industrial meets great Norge Noise. Split release by Bonemachine from Austria and Maskinanlegg from Norway. Each project with one track. "War Against Banana" is a strange kind of electronic art from the vaults of Europe" and you have to love that last sentence, as it sums up the release perfectly!

The Maskinalegg side of the split was not always appreciated in certain quarters: there was a fairly scathing review on the Kulturterrorismus website that made comments on the lines of  "in my eyes an inferior and/or bad version of the traditional Noise from Japan" amdist other more trenchant personal observations.  Challenging music often provokes strong responses, and 'Banana' is the sort of song you might love late at night and hate the following morning.

That's about it...!

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