Friday, 5 April 2013

NOVASAK/BONEMACHINE split tape - update III

Title: Bonemachine/Novasak split tape
Reason for (another!) update: Todd Novasad's own copy breaks cover...

The short version: Nazgul, obsessed with finding or collecting all variants of this Bonemachine/Novasak split tape release, pesters Todd Novasad until he sends a photo of his own copy to shut Nazgul up!

The longer version: We've seen 4 variants of this awesome split release on Honour and Darkness over the years.  Three copies are housed safely in the Castle library, including Hugin's own personal copy (#1/16), and a further tape was culled for review from the Club Debil website.  Whilst that left 12 other copies at large somewhere round the planet, the obvious place to start looking for more detail was with the other artist involved in the recording, Todd Novasad himself.  And in pursuit of bringing to you, my loyal readership, the most up to date items and news, Nazgul periodically emailed Todd over the space of a few months to see if a photo could be made available (during which time Todd was actually moving house, so had everything in boxes and doubtless really appreciated some mad Englishman pestering him about an old split tape).

And Lo!  Todd - bless his patient heart - did uncover his version of the release (presumed to be #2 of the 16 in the set) and sent the photograph above over to the Hugin archives for preservation.  And in keeping with the others in the series so far, it's different again in terms of layout and content, with some interesting copper wire/tube gubbins to the top left, and cylindrical structures that must make the case entirely unstable and prone to falling over at the drop of a hat.

So that's now five of the little blighters recorded for posterity - if you have one ,and would like to have it featured in these hallowed pages, then drop your old uncle Nazgul a line and let's share your treasure with the world.

My thanks once again to Todd - why not check out his little spot on the web and see what business you can put his way....?  

Todd Novasad, finally hunted down by Nazgul!

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