Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Birthday!

Record signing session in Castle Nazgul, 2012
Happy Birthday Alex!

The 7th April is, of course, an annual feast-day in Castle Nazgul, for on this very day many (but not too many!) years ago our Austrian warrior Hugin came into the world.  One can only imagine the scene at the birth as the heavily tattooed baby Hugin was born: kicking and screaming, with a broadsword in one hand and a keyboard in the other...

Each year Nazgul makes a point of sharing this good news, and also sharing with you some random photograph or other to mark the event.  This year the photographs of choice come from the 2012 tour of England with Joe Matera, and features Hugin in a variety of pictures with the rich and famous down to the poor and infamous.  Nazgul will leave you to decide which is which!

So enough of the ramblings of the Dark Lord, let's simply wish Hugin a happy birthday and all the best in health and fortune for 2013.  Rock on, brother!

In unprecedented action, Joe Matera, Tony Dolan and Hugin have a 3-way tie in the 1st annual heavy metal 'rock-paper-scissors' competition
Hugin celebrates a successful UK Tour with a tattoo of Prince Charles, with Tony Dolan aghast
Shocking news as Germany votes overwhelmingly against an Atomkraft summer tour
Trevor Sewell (ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang, ex-Venom) and Hugin wait patiently for the hapless (and hopeless) photographer to strike
Plans are well underway for the tribute statue to Hugin, due in London circa 2017
Cockney Rebels Steve Harley and Alexander "D'oh!" Wieser enjoy a chat
Inspiration strikes Hrossharsgrani for another unlikely cover version ... ABBA fans beware!

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