Saturday, 2 March 2013


Title: The Beat Sounds From Way Out (Volume 5) [V/A]
Format: Free download via this link on the Bandcamp site for the Institute For Alien Research. The compilation was uploaded to Bandcamp on 20 January 2013, and is the fifth in the series.
Edition: Unlimited free download

Track Listing:
01. Factor X * Unison (We Breathe Together) 07:12
02. Time Hitler and the Assholes From Space * Cocaine Daydream 05:26
03. Super Sucker * Sakit Perut 03:02
04. Rocco John Iacovone & Dalius Naujo * I Dunno 08:00
05. Mutantbeatniks * Oubli 08:00
06. Total E.T. * Alien Abducted Drum Machine (Patternal Instincts) 04:36
07. Los Trompetos de la Muerte * Blue Planet War Song 03:54
08. Painburn * The Day Of The End 03:00
09. Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot * Sin (extended mix) 08:00
10. Sigismondo Paletta e i Suoi Condomini * Cento Fori A Centofiori 03:15
11. Cabrini Green * Bumpin' That Real Shit 04:26
12. Solar Flairs * -Smash Up- 09:30
13. Mama Baer * Retect 07:38
14. Ceremony of Innocence * Ich Tauche Tiefer 04:13
15. Membrana Psicodélica * Alien Cosmic Doom 09:26

This fifth release from the Institute For Alien Research (IFAR) marks their first anniversary on Bandcamp, and contains as weird and whacky collection of musical misfits as you're ever likely to find in one place. Tagged under the manifold genres of 'electronic, breakbeat, breakcore, electronica, experimental, & techno' this isn't your average fare for Honour and Darkness by any means, but is notable for containing a song from Hugin's Ceremony Of Innocence project (C.O.I.), 'Ich Tauche Tiefer'.

The original song was reviewed way back in the infancy of this Blog, on 21 May 2009 to be precise, and was notable for two reasons: a dramatic change of genre in the style Hugin's recorded content (or, at least, of that which he was prepared to share with the rest of us), and a startling cover photo of Hugin in tight shorts looking for all the world like an extra from an Erasure video shoot. Perhaps fortunately for the world at large, the t-shirt that promoted this single chose a different image to display (the post for 27 August 2009 explains all)! 

The title of the song, incidentally, translates to "I Dive Deeper" which might explain the submarine imagery on the shirt (but - hopefully - not the leather shorts!)

IFAR seem to be prevalent everywhere online at the moment, with pages on Facebook, SoundCloud, Reverbnation as well as Bandcamp, and it was through Facebook page that the request came to use one of C.O.I.'s songs in this compilation.

This particular selection of songs is eclectic and - much like a Durian fruit - will not be to every taste. Dig in if you're brave enough...

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