Tuesday, 12 March 2013

G.F.D. Demo 1 - update

Title: Demo 1
Format: A special one-off version on cassette of this now infamous demo, previously only available on CDr.
Edition: 1 copy (see text)

Track Listing:
01. Butcher XTC   02:43
02. Let's Kill   02:26
03. Ballad Of A Gore Angel  02:05
04. Torture  01:38
05. Holyday in Frostland  02:25
06. Death Fuck Armageddon  01:49

Periodically this now legendary and infamous demo tape is referred to in hushed terms on Honour and Darkness, in the way that you might hold a whispered conversation about that weird, hunch-backed uncle of yours that you keep locked up in the attic. A non-serious grindcore project from Hugin that is at the same time hilarious and terrifying, it compels the listener into some form of reaction ranging from flinging themselves out of the window onto rusty spikes to rapidly turning off the stereo and putting something light and fluffy on instead. 

One can almost imagine the compositional process for Guts For Dinner- Hugin, seated at his white grand piano, whilst the melodic and airy strains of 'Ballad of a Gore Angel' come wafting in through the windows as the curtains billow in a gentle breeze....

Not to be confused with the demo of the same name from US death metal band Fatal, this release has previously seen the light of day in two iterations: a self-produced (and very limited edition) CDr from 2000, and on a split CDr ("Gore vs. War") with Bonemachine in 2006. And let's be honest, it's a brutal listen, which few fans of Uruk Hai or Ceremony Of Innocence (to name but two of Hugin's more mainstream projects) would easily stomach. Not that you would have had much of an opportunity to stomach this morsel, however, as the availability of the demo has always been in short supply. 

 However, good news is on the horizon - Wulfrune Worxx are planning to reissue the demo with new artwork on tape in the near future, and Nazgul knows there will be a veritable stampede of fans making their way to Skogen's door, waving fat wedges of bank notes in the air and demanding their copy. Mmmm, and a pig has just flown past the windows of the Castle library.

Until that time, you'll have to be content with a look at this unique cassette version of the demo, produced by Hugin especially for Castle Nazgul. Hand designed, and held in a wonderfully evil pentagram painted fabric bag with a matt black tape inlay, the songs still sound like a full orchestra falling into an industrial meat grinder and surely can't be good for one's health over prolonged exposure. 

God help the incumbents of the Castle's Advance Listening Room once the Wulfrune Worxx version is released and the resident monkey gets his paws on it...!

An oddity for sure, and a rather splendid collectible for certain, it's this sort of weird and wonderful release that is the lifeblood of Nazgul's eclectic collection. Enjoy!

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