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DARKNESS (1999-2012)

Title: Darkness (1999-2012)
Format: 6CD box-set in DVD style case released in 2012 on the Fallen Angels Productions label (South Korea), cat ref FAP017. The set is completed by 3 colour inlay cards
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 25 copies

Track Listing:
01. Darkness Part I  01:02:15
02. Darkness Part II  01:06:35
03. Darkness Part III  59:00
04. Darkness Part IV  50:42
05. Darkness Part V  45:34
06. Darkness Part VI  01:06:25

"Come not between the Nazg├╗l and his prey! Or he will not slay thee in thy turn. He will bear thee away to the houses of lamentation, beyond all darkness, where thy flesh shall be devoured, and thy shrivelled mind be left naked to the Lidless Eye..."

Shrivelled minds come fast and furious around the towers of Castle Nazgul, what with the grotesque tortures delighting the prisoners in the deeper dungeons and the sanity-sapping waves of pure hatred emanating from the very stone of the Castle walls out into the surrounding barren wastelands. Should the internal darkness of Nazgul's domain fail to sear your brain into oblivion, then Hugin's epic 6-disc "Darkness (2011)" box-set might very well do the job instead!  

Just nine and a half minutes short of the 6 hour mark, this handy compilation puts onto CD for the first time the entire Darkness saga, including a new 'Part VI' to entice in those already replete with parts I to V.

The origins of the first "Darkness" demo are well documented on these pages: despite the original release being a 'typical' multi-song Uruk Hai demo (and - by the way - lending this Blog half of its title) the subsequent parts have all been long, single song epic tracks of both ambient and murky depths. Parts II to V have been covered over a span of a few years, and the full five part set is contained on tape within the die-hard box-set (complete with various goodies) that was released in a run of just 5 copies in 2010. 

 This Fallen Angels pressing not only gives the intrepid fan the opportunity to lay their hands on the saga thus far, and in digital format too, but adds as a bonus the latest part of the Darkness 'story'. Nazgul says 'latest' rather than 'final' part, as over the past month or so Nazgul is certain that a Part VII has been spotted somewhere in the various new releases from W.A.R. Productions...?!

And what of the all new Part VI you might ask? Well, the beginning of the song throws the listener for a loop, featuring as it does a bass riff on what has been an entirely synthesiser-driven series to date. So far, so intriguing ... and if you are now intrigued I suggest you point your browser towards the Fallen Angels web-page and order your own copy, pronto!

If you like your Uruk Hai ambient and moody then you really can't go far wrong with a compilation of this nature, and in terms of bang for your buck there's plenty of music to get your teeth into. It's atmospheric background music for the most part, of course, so don't expect to be blown out of your chair with catchy short songs. Pick the right time and location, stick on a disc, and ease yourself into a different realm...

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