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Title: United With The Fallen Ones...
Format: 3-way split cassette demo released on the Silent Scream label (Serbia) in 2011, cat ref SSR005. Professionally printed black and white inlay, standard C60 style tape.
Edition: Hand-numbered in an edition of 80 copies

Track Listing:
Side 1
01. Uruk-Hai - Return To The Green Fields (2011 Remix) 18:48
02. Zloslut - La Misterieuse Promenade Macabre Du Défunt 02:28
03. Zloslut - Abyss Of Eternal Deception 07:40

Side 2
04. Gromkult - Tulibu Dibu Douchu 02:23
05. Gromkult - De Brûlure Dans La Pisse De Grom 01:06
06. Gromkult - Pik Van Grom 05:51
07. Gromkult - Te Zijn Van In De Bruine Domeinnaam 02:03
08. Gromkult - I Am The Chaos And Lust And Brown Fire 02:55
09. Gromkult - Khaoshit Rapethroat 03:53

Here’s a label new to Honour and Darkness; Serbian based Silent Scream Records. It’s run by ‘Hunter’, who also happens to be the sole musician behind Zloslut, one third of this split release. ‘Zloslut’ is a Serbian word, incidentally, and literally translates as something like ‘the one who means evil’. Whilst we’re doing the introductions, Gromkult is an American band from Oregon, who appear on a number of similar split releases on a variety of international labels. And then there’s Uruk Hai, who ... well, we know all about Uruk Hai!

Introductions out of the way, let’s do the credits: The Uruk Hai song comes from the 2011 Smell The Stench/Tryby 3” CD release, whilst the three Zloslut songs hail from their demo "Abyss of Eternal Deception". Gromkult songs 4, 5, 7 and 8 are from the pithily titled demo "Salopes Sucent Le Feu Sur Le Noirmarron Éruption Ov Grom, Seigneur De Viol Élevé De Partout", whilst songs 6 and 9 are from the 2011 "Gromkult / Satanvolk" split release. Nothing newly recorded for this release, therefore, but pulled together for a discerning audience to savor and enjoy.

Promotional flyer for this release
It's a point made previously on these pages (and brilliantly made, if I do say so myself) but the stylistic contrast between Uruk Hai and more traditionally black metal bands does lead to some rather odd results. This manifests itself once again on "United With The Fallen Ones...", where the restrained and delicate elements of the Uruk Hai composition contrast with Zloslut's misanthropic and depressive assault, cunningly disguised with improbable bursts of acoustic guitar, and Gromkult's rawer black metal trappings. 

 Your 'average' underground fan looking for blasphemous fare on a sinister looking tape must be left perplexed by an opening salvo of nearly 19 minutes of laid-back ambient keyboards, doubtless to be left wondering if the distro put the wrong tape in the box. On the other hand, your 'average' epic-fantasy fan who appreciates the span and subtlety of Uruk Hai may well suffer a frontal lobotomy once Gromkult had projected themselves brain-wards.

From a Huginophile's perspective, rather a superfluous release really given you might well have this song from other more recent releases. However, from a positive point of view, Uruk Hai is certainly the best known of the three bands on offer here and if the name encourages the odd speculative purchase and gives the other two bands much needed oxygen of publicity, then that's a good thing. And with 80 copies kicking around the Internet somewhere (well, 79 allowing for this one) there's a good chance you could track one down if you so desired.

A better view of the cover artwork, courtesy of the  Silent Scream website

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