Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Updating the update...

Band: BONEMACHINE (sort of)
Title: That Novasak/Bonemachine split tape again
Reason for update: an outbreak of West Coast lunacy...

Jim Morrison said it best: "People are strange..."

And they come no stranger (in a nice way, Nazgul assures you) than Michele Brittany and Nick Diak, of Orange, California.  Nick will be familiar to you as the subject of a past Followers of Honour and Darkness post (#4, 18 March 2011), whilst Michele will become known to you all soon after a forthcoming post is finalised concerning a video she made for Hugin (all to be revealed in due course).

The title of today's post - an update to yesterday's Novasak/Bonemachine tape update - comes in the wake of Nazgul's throw-away comment from yesterday, which read: "Doubtless some technical-types out there could identify what the components on the circuit board actually did in practice".

And that's precisely what Michele and Nick have done, courtesy of the photograph at the head of this post which arrived via carrier-hobbit into the Castle inbox last night.  And people say I have too much time on my hands....!?

Great stuff though, and for sheer endeavour and sense of humour deserves a post of its own.

So some of the mysteries of the Bonemachine circuit board design are now revealed, and all that remains to be done is to place that phone call to the nice men in white coats to bring a pair of straight-jackets round to Chez Diak before it's too late...

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