Tuesday, 4 December 2012

NOVASAK/BONEMACHINE split tape - update II

Title: Untitled split release with Novasak
Format: It's another one of those funky tapes again....
Edition: 16 hand-numbered copies only (see text)
Reason for update: Keep up - it's another one of those funky tapes again....

Your starter for ten: what's the connection between CSI New York; Star Trek (original series); Spongebob Squarepants; X-Men; and Sliders? No? Well, allow Nazgul to enlighten you - they've all had an episode called "Obsession" in their broadcast histories, and today's post is very much fuelled by that concept.

Back on 16 April Nazgul regaled you with a story of how he felt the urge to add a second copy of that Bonemachine/Novasak split tape release to what is already an alarmingly expansive collection- you know the one, the tape with the unique circuit board cover design on the front. The thinking here was fairly vague, something on the lines of, "but they look so appealing and interesting, and you can never have too many circuit board-covered tapes on the shelf". The April update also covered a third design, pictured on the Club Debil website, and thus nearly one third of the proposed edition run for this tape was identified and illustrated for the benefit of history. 

Nazgul uses the word 'proposed' advisedly, as you may also recall that the full run of 16 tapes were not actually made in the end, due to the complexities/time involved putting the thing together, so the remaining unassembled pieces of the last few copies remain somewhere under lock and key in the deepest Austrian forests.

Of course, with the collecting mania biting hard, things couldn't rest there: more of these tapes must be out there somewhere after all...! Poor Todd Navasak is doubtless already fed up with Nazgul periodically pestering him to send a photo of any copies that he may have lurking in his own collection, and the all-seeing fiery eye remains constantly vigilant should further copies of the tape break cover. 

Obsession - I know thy name!

So it was mightily kind and typically Hugin-like that the mighty Austrian warrior himself offered for sale his own copy of this release - the 'Holy Grail' #1/16 - from the depths of the W.A.R. archives. And as you will already have seen from the photos, isn't it a whopper! With more (and larger) bells and whistles - technical term - than either of Castle Nazgul's two existing copies, this is both a magnificent piece and a real honour to own. Doubtless some technical-types out there could identify what the components on the circuit board actually did in practice, but for the less IT-literate amongst us let's just say that lots of clever things happened in the gubbins of the machine and these bad boys helped out ... somehow. Particularly that big pink thing (stop sniggering at the back) which was doubtless very important.

With phaser set to stun and fake pointy ears firmly stuck in place, Starship Nazgul continues to split infinitives and boldy go in a financially ruinous but ultimately entertaining endeavour to find yet more versions of this tape. If you have one, and wish to share a photo with the wild hordes of Hugin's fans, you know where to send it. And if you want to sell a copy to augment the growing family of such releases sheltering in the Castle, then get in touch!

Castle Nazgul's family of Novasak/Bonemachine split tapes!

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