Thursday, 13 December 2012


Title: Dragons Of War
Reason for update: Previously unseen Dragon's Breath promotional artwork

Here's a blast from the past - the Uruk Hai "Dragons Of War" release, which was released on the short-lived American label Dragon's Breath Records in 2005 (see post of 17 November 2009 for the full review).

Nazgul came across this promotional flyer whilst having a rummage through some old files, and surprisingly it's one that hasn't made it's way onto Honour and Darkness before.  So here it is, in full dragon-y glory, proclaiming the release to be a "masterpiece of epic fantasy music".

And, errrr....well that's it really, just something a little extra to throw into the mix to warm your cockles on this frosty winter's day.  Nothing like a bit of dragon-fire to light the Castle fires, and Dragon's Breath Records certainly had the right idea with their logo.

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