Monday, 5 November 2012


Title: No official title, known colloquially as the Tryby 3" CD box
Format: A collection of the 3" CDr releases made and released by the Tryby label (Poland) in 2012, contained within a small silver metal box with clear front 'window' panel. The demos within are exactly the same as the individual releases, which were issued in an edition of 25 copies per disc.
Edition: 6 copies of this box-set were made

CD1. Elves & Men
CD2. Gil-Galad (two-discs)
CD3. Nargothrond (two-discs)
CD4. Return to the Green Fields
CD5. Barbarians

Something of an odd one, this box-set, insofar as it is not an official release commissioned by Hugin through Tryby but rather a special edition issued independently by the label.

Appearing in 2012 following a brief advertisement through an email from Tryby, the box-set you see before you arrived at the Castle following a rather impulsive purchase from Nazgul. Impulsive, as the contents are the actually same as the standard 3"CDr demo releases that were made by both Tryby and the Smell The Stench label in 2012, meaning that not only does Nazgul now have complete sets of the 1st and 2nd pressings of all of these demos from both labels, but he also now has a second set of the Tryby releases housed in a small metal tin!   Alas, the perils and obsessions of collecting....

Whilst Nazgul has forgotten the price he paid for this box-set it has come to the attention of the fiery eye atop the Castle that there is a set currently listed for sale on the SkullLine website, although they are charging a hefty 49.50€ for the privilege of owning it. Nazgul can't imagine he paid that for it, but five demos (7 discs) at an average price of under €10 apiece plus a box isn't too extortionate. With only 6 boxes being made it might well represent good value if you've yet to buy any of the individual discs, and let's be honest - when and where are you going to find another one for sale anytime soon after the SkullLine copy is sold...?

Nazgul's box contains copies of the individual releases all numbered 23 of the edition of 25, so taking a leap of logic it would seems as though Tryby took the last 6 copies of every edition (numbers 19 through 25) and decided to package them up in this way. Whether that represents part of a cunning pre-planned marketing strategy or was simply a way of trying to shift unsold copies we may never know. But the set looks presentable enough, though paling by comparison to the likes of Angband or Darkness which sit as near neighbours in the Castle Library.

So, as noted at the outset of this piece, something of an oddity and rather an expensive luxury when it comes down to it from Nazgul's perspective, buy hey - it goes with the territory I suppose.

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