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Title: Lothlórien
Format: 4 x 3"CDr release on the Tryby label (Poland) in 2012, cat ref 28/2012. Two large colour covers house the discs, the front mirroring the original CD artwork but the reverse design being different.  Discs are plain silver 3" CDr.
Edition: Limited to 25 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. The White Trees of Minas Ithil 0:40
02. Enter Mordor 3:06
03. Rohan Riders 3:13

04. Lay of Leithian 19:26

05. Into the Mirror 3:21
06. Galadriel's Message 13:46

07. Keeper of Nenya 3:13
08. May It Be (Enya cover) 3:14
09. Gates of Summer 4:32

A rather unexpected release in truth, but nonetheless a welcome one, 2012 saw the return of Uruk Hai's "Lothlórien" album. Recorded in 2005 and originally released on CD only by the Russian label Othal Productions in the following year, it was followed by a different Russian label (Valgriind) reissued this album on tape in 2010 with 4 bonus tracks. That seemed to be the whole story: in a nutshell, original CD release supplemented by tape version with extra material. 

So the purpose of this Tryby reissue in the grand scheme of things is hard to fathom: the very limited release of 25 copies hardly makes the material more accessible (and, to be fair, the original Othal Productions release came in an edition of 500 copies and you can find copies of that for sale without too much trouble), whilst the bonus material offered on the cassette version is absent on this latest reissue so it can't claim add in the extra elements for the first time on a digital copy. Most curious, and rather a missed opportunity.

It seems to be - whisper it in dark corners - one of those 'diehard edition' thingamajigs for lunatic fans like Nazgul to purchase....

Now, to be fair Nazgul is always a sucker for a new release from Hugin's most popular band, and similarly is happy to entertain nay number of 3" discs in his collection as the format is particularly pleasing to his ravening eye. A four-disc 3" release is a decidedly uncommon format too, and with the exception of a reissue of "Upon The Elysian Fields" there are none others in the collection that immediately spring to mind. The benefit of the larger size covers (measuring about 8" square) is that the original artwork is shown to best effect, and one can also enjoy the new image on the reverse with better clarity than the traditional CD inlay allows for.

Musically this is familiar territory, but that's not to denigrate the songs on offer here: all fitting into that period of Uruk Hai music which many fans hold so dear. A mixture of epic and shorter songs, this works well as a balanced release and allows the listener to dip in and out accordingly, rather than asking you to devote half an hour or more to inwardly digest a truly massive piece of music as some of the later demos did.

A few more goodies inside might have been a nice touch - some colour cards, a map of Lothlórien, something of that nature - but this minimalist packaging style is not uncommon to Tryby, and I suppose at the end of the day there is a benefit in that the price isn't being pushed up to cover the cost of including miscellaneous crap!

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