Monday, 19 November 2012


Title: Elbenlieder (1999-2011)
Format: A 6-disc CDr box-set release in DVD-case by Fallen Angel Productions (South Korea), catalogue reference FAP013. The discs come edged in gold with picture inners. The release comes with full colour covers.
Edition: Limited to 44 hand-numbered copies

CD1: Elbentraum Part 1 57:52
CD2: Elbentraum Part 2 48:09
CD3: Elbentanz 40:12
CD4: Elves & Men 59:20
CD5: Elbenmacht 36:54
CD6: Elbenwald 78:51

A surfeit of Elves!

Here, in one rather tidy package, Hugin brings together many of his past Uruk Hai Elf-themed demos from the turn of the Millennium right through to 2011. All have been previously reviewed in Honour and Darkness, but they appear here both with re-mastered sound and in some pretty fine looking packaging care of South Korean label Fallen Angel Productions.

And quite honestly this whole release can be summarised by one word: AWESOME!

On the basis that you're here to read something a bit more substantial than that, here's a more detailed review: BLOODY AWESOME!!

Enough said, surely?

But just in case you're unconvinced, what Hugin has created here is an absolute monster and it will be as unstoppable as Godzilla smashing his way through downtown Tokyo. Superb quality sound, some spectacular aural delights ranging from the sublime to the ... errrr, even more sublime, and in so doing it brings to life demos potentially lost to history such as "Elbenmacht" from 2004, which Nazgul had not listened to for quite a while but was quite blown away by on hearing it again here. You also have the benefit of listening to the interesting juxtaposition of having some very early demos ("Elbentanz") and more sophisticated and orchestral later releases like "Elbentraum".

It is a glorious box-set, and still available from Hugin and from the label as Nazgul understands it. It's been playing in the Castle for a few weeks now on fairly continuous rotation, and never fails to put a smile on the face (of the hobbit crucified upside-down outside the portcullis)

With Christmas fast approaching, what better gift to yourself than this - if Hugin and Santa can have elves milling around to assist them in their endeavours, then so can you...

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